Marjorie Langa

Scandal! actress Marjorie Langa. Image from Instagram@

Scandal! actress Marjorie Langa – Gloria’s educational qualifications stun Mzansi

Scandal actress Marjorie Langa is making headlines after her educational qualifications were revealed in the backdrop of her newfound fame.

Marjorie Langa

Scandal! actress Marjorie Langa. Image from Instagram@

No doubt Marjorie Langa has the plug and the bling. With a career spanning years, she has fast become the darling of small screens, and she has wowed many with her unmatched acting flair.

Best known for her on-screen character of Gloria on the drama series Marjorie Langa is that star actress we all love to hate.

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Her current storyline has seen her making trends. A few months after walking down the aisle with Caiphus, the bubbly actress became pregnant with someone’s baby.

Despite keeping it under wraps, revealing the truth to Caiphus was one of the best emotional scenes that will go down in soapie history books.

However, in the backdrop of her unmatched acting flair, many have found it puzzling that the actress has no acting educational background.

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Yes, the bubbly actress a true definition of pure talent. Her academic qualifications have since sparked a debate on whether acting is a better career path than other professions or not.

The celebrated actress is a qualified Microbiologist. She studied Bio-Medical Technology. Before her thrust into the limelight, she worked as a microbiologist and had to dump her profession for acting.

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Since being cast in Scandal, she has quickly become one of the most sought-after actresses. Her bubbly personality has seen her standing above the rest.

However, she is not the only actress who has ditched her illustrious career for acting. Several stars have dumped their professions or have opted for acting, leaving many trying to connect the dots if it is out of passion or money.

Over the years, the entertainment industry has been regarded as one of the most paying professions, and the boom in the industry shows it.