Mapaseka Mokwele

Radio presenter Mapaseka Mokwele. Images via Instagram @mapasekamokwele

Mapaseka Mokwele takes legal battle against colleague up a notch

Radio 2000 host Mapaseka Mokwele wants her name cleared from the allegations levelled against her by a former colleague.

Mapaseka Mokwele

Radio presenter Mapaseka Mokwele. Images via Instagram @mapasekamokwele

Radio and TV personality Mapaseka Mokwele wants more money for the damage allegedly caused by her former colleague and friend, Thandi Makubele, who accused her of assault.

While Makubele has decided to counter-sue the Radio 2000 DJ, Sunday World reports that Mokwele wants double the amount she initially suing Makubele for.

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In the papers she recently filed at the Joburg High Court, Mokwele stated that she wanted to delete the R2500 000 and replace it with R500 000.

“By deletion of the amount of R2500 000 in paragraph 1 of the prayer and replacing it with the amount of R500 000, take notice further that any party objecting to the pro- posed amendments must within 10 days of receipt of this notice, deliver its objection in writing together with a statement of the grounds upon which the objection is based, failing which the amendment will be effected.”

Makubele is also counter-suing Mokwele for R500 000 as she has stated in the court papers that it is for the humiliation and trauma she suffered due to the alleged assault.

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As previously reported by The South African, Mokwele was fired by Wits Business School (WBS) for the alleged assault which is said to have taken place at a fundraising conference held in Cape Town in September 2022.

In addition to being dismissed, the Radio and TV personality’s participation at the conference being terminated by the Centre on African Philanthropy and Social Investment (CAPSI), which had partnered with the WBS to host the event.

Makubele claimed that Mokwele kicked her several times on the leg for telling delegates who attended the conference that the radio personality was “an influential person”. She also claimed that she sustained bruises on her leg and sent pictures to their colleagues.

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In an attempt to resolve the matter internally, WBS called a meeting with Mokwele and Makubele to establish the facts. However, Makubele declined to attend, citing fear of being attacked a second time by the talk-show host as her reason. Because of this, Mokwele could not clear her name and was later fired.

TshisaLIVE reported that, according to court papers, Mokwele said that Makhubele allegedly “elected to broadcast various personal and sensitive details” about her at the conference. Makubele allegedly told a waiter who had recognised Mokwele about her “social standing and influence”.

This reportedly did not make the former Kaya FM host comfortable, who had previously asked Makhubele not to disclose or boast about her “personal information” and “social standing”. She again reiterated this during the incident, however, her friend continued.

Mokwele then allegedly “gently nudged” Makubele’s knee with her foot under the table. She also referred to a text message she had sent to her friend, speaking of her discomfort about her actions.

“You know I really hate that. And you insist on doing it all the time. I’m really upset,” read the message.

According to the radio presenter, Makubele’s “malicious and defamatory” allegations caused her reputation harm.