Hip hop Gunna Fukumean

Hip Hop Song of the Day – Fukumean

We’re celebrating one of the world’s most influential music genres: Hip Hop. Here’s today’s song of the day by Gunna’s Fukumean.

Hip hop Gunna Fukumean

Hip Hop is one of the world’s most celebrated music styles. Here’s one of the biggest songs across the globe.

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According to Apple Music charts, Fukumean, is the number two hip hip record in the world. The hit single comes out of what is the fifth studio album titled a Gift and a curse.

The 30-year rapper from Georgia, real name Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, raps on Fukumean about his fame and wealth while also taking a dig at his critics.

The track enjoyed top 10 charts in places like Canada, Australia, Ireland and of course the United States with a Billboard number one status.

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Meanwhile, the track is also enjoying high play on YouTube, with over 24 million views in two months.

Two of the most popular comments came from @Papi.Pharaoh who received 3300 likes for saying: “You know it’s 🔥 when you keep rewinding mid-song to start it over…Gunna you deserve all the abundance coming your way my brother. Well done for staying your course and not allowing your challenges to overcome you.”

@FrankieLGist received 5300 likes for writing: “True definition of ignore what the others say and keep grinding. He’s not worried about nothing or nobody. Slat!”

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