MaMkhize Book Launch Delayed

MaMkhize’s book has been delayed by a number of factors. Images via Instagram: @kwa_mammkhize

Hurry up and wait: MaMkhize’s book launch delayed – Here’s why

An insider has revealed that MaMkhize was unhappy with the quality of the paper used to print her book so the launch has been delayed.

MaMkhize Book Launch Delayed

MaMkhize’s book has been delayed by a number of factors. Images via Instagram: @kwa_mammkhize

TV personality and millionaire Shauwn ‘MaMkhize’ Mkhize has revealed that the launch of her much anticipated book My World, My Rule.

Zimoja reported that one of the reasons the launch was held back was because she did not like the quality of the printing paper. She leads an expensive lifestyle and the quality of the paper need to reflect that.

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MaMkhize’s book was ghost-written by seasoned journalist and author Amanda Ngudle and through this book, MaMkhize says she wants to control the narrative of what is written about her in the media.

Speaking to the publication, she said, “there have been many stories written and said about my life and wish to share the facts, so people can stop speculating. I would like for people to stop portraying me and my family in a negative narrative. This book is my way of sharing who I really am”.

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The book is set to detail MaMkhize’s privileged childhood, which was torn to shreds after the death of her father who was assassinated – as per the publication.

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According to a family member that spoke to Zimoja, the book is delayed because of printing issues and for MaMkhize to focus on football. 

“There are many contributing factors…She was unhappy about the quality of the print. Ultimately, she trusted the publishing company to handle everything, but after the first print run was done, she did not like the quality and sent it back,” he says.

“We all know MaMkhize likes expensive, quality things and that book was not what she had expected,” the insider revealed.

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Zimoja says MaMkhize asked the publishers to change the quality of the paper.

“She trusted the publishers to deliver but they did not and they have to reprint…Another thing, she wanted to focus on the CAF. The book was going to need her to host a launch and possibly do a book signing tour and promotions, which was going to take her attention away from the football. So rather take a break and focus on one thing at a time,” said the member.

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