Makhadzi sales album cent

Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @zimcelebs_official

Makhadzi’s show turns violent in Zimbabwe [watch]

Bottles and cans rain at Makhadzi during her show in Mutare, Zimbabwe, after fans turned violent, cutting the show early.

Makhadzi sales album cent

Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @zimcelebs_official

Unexpectedly, Makhadzi could not finish her show in Mutare, Zimbabwe, after fans turned violent, throwing bottles on stage.

With Botswana and Zambia, Zimbabwe had been one of Makhadzi’s favourite countries. To show her love for Zimbabwe, Makhadzi has featured many Zimbabwean artists trying to connect with Zimbabweans more. The notion had been that South Africans need to show Makhadzi the love she gets outside the country, with Zimbabwe being at the top.

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Indeed, this looked like it did not work as she could not finish her performance in Mutare, Zimbabwe, after fabs turned violent. Indeed, this is shocking news, given how much people have responded to the show.

Fans filled the venue to enjoy Makhadzi’s music, but something turned them off, and they started throwing bottles on the stage. Of course, Makhadzi had no option but to go away before finishing her performance.

Makhadzi Zimbabwe violent show
Makhadzi. Image via Instagram @makhadzisa

Let’s get straight into Makhadzi’s Mutare; Zimbabwe show without beating around the bush, which ended with violent fans.


Mutare is a city located in the eastern lands of Zimbabwe, where it shares the border with Mozambique. Fans love Makhadzi, and their turnout was a testament to their love for the Matorokisi hitmaker. Unfortunately, things turned sour as some violent fans started throwing bottles at Makhadzi until she left the stage.

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This shocking truth is difficult to believe without evidence; thank God we have a video showing how Zimbabwe turned violent against Makhadzi during the Mutare show. This chaos meant that Makhadzi could not perform anymore, and the investigations into why fans turned violent are yet to be revealed.

Moments later, the violence turned off, thanks to the country’s controversial DJ, DJ Fantan, who calmed the crowd. Eye witnesses, however, claim that the violence had nothing to do with Makhadzi’s performance but rather some local beef.

Watch as Zimbabwe turns violent during the Makhadzi show in Mutare.