Dingaan has slammed Tweeps for making fun of his painting using Riky Rick’s name. Image via Instagram: @Dingaan1

‘Looks don’t make you important’: Dingaan Mokebe slams beautiful people

‘Muvhango’ actor Dingaan Mokebe says that beautiful people should be humble because their looks won’t last forever – many locals agree with him.


Dingaan has slammed Tweeps for making fun of his painting using Riky Rick’s name. Image via Instagram: @Dingaan1

South African actor Dingaan Mokebe has slammed attractive people who feel entitled because of their good looks. In a viral clip, the Muvhango actor is heard telling such people to be humble. The clip has received many reactions from his fellow South Africans who seemingly couldn’t agree more.

Dingaan Mokebe tells attractive folks where to get off

Dingaan Mokebe has had it with people who use their looks to get by in life. The actor is not keeping quiet anymore and headed to social media where he made sure his controversial opinion about arrogant beautiful people was known.

Taking to Instagram on Monday 13 September, he shared a clip of himself addressing people with good looks that struggle to stay humble. According to him, those looks don’t make them better than other people and won’t last forever.

“Your looks do not make you more important than everyone else. Sit down, it’s not the first nor last time we see a beautiful person ngawe,” he captioned the video of himself saying:

“Just because they told you ‘you are handsome’ and just because they said ‘you are beautiful’ — and maybe you are — that doesn’t mean you are more important than everybody else. Beauty fades away. Your handsomeness is going to go away, your beautiful arse is going to fall off, so will your boobs. That beard will shed or turn grey. Sit down, drink some water and be humble.”

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SA share their thoughts

While a select few people asked him why he was telling them this, many locals wholeheartedly agreed. Here are some of their comments:

phumzy62 said:

“I smell jealousy nyana mara!”

lerato_mphoko said:

“True, no lies detected????????… I feel like this applies to being famous as well”

moyomavhaga said:

“If there are any awards of truth talking u deserve it”

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