Londie London

Londie London

Londie London slams paternity test rumour

‘Niyenze nobani leyo DNA? Where is it”. Former Real Housewives of Durban star Londie London has contested paternity results claims of her first child.

Londie London

Londie London

There are speculations that London’s first child, Uminathi Nkosi may not be Nkosi’s child. Hlubi and London were married for two years, and they have two children together. Recently a rumour surfaced that the pair went their separate ways due to infidelity in the marriage. according to claims, Nkosi cheated on his wife. It is alleged that Nkosi wanted to marry another woman.

In a Showmax episode of The Real Housewives of Durban, London told a co-star that Nkosi was a deadbeat, Dad. She said “He doesn’t care about the kids. I’m just scared you know. I feel like I’ve let my kids down”. She continued “I didn’t have the support I needed, especially from the father”.

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The singer said she did not imagine that she would be a single mother of two, she addressed the infidelity allegation. “I don’t know the woman they are talking about. She had nothing to do with our breakup, I don’t even remember there being a pregnant side chick. I still don’t know who she is”. London said.

In a series of her Instagram stories, the songstress addressed the rumour that Nkosi wanted a DNA test on their child. The public learnt that Nkosi was alleged to have been dating outside his marriage, it was alleged that he wanted a polygamous marriage. “Polygamy, Tazz, Paternity, what in the fake news is this”. She spoke.

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Twitter users had a lot of opinions on the saga between London and Nkosi. One user wrote “while she was engaged to Hlubi, she was busy with DJ Sumbody. When Hlubi found out about the infidelity, that’s when he left her. Its even rumoured that the first born is DJ Sumbody’s child. Londi went as far as posting a watch bought by DJ the day he was shot and killed.”. Another wrote, “That time ifana Nse naye uHlubi”. 

London and her businessman husband Hlubi Nkosi broke up after allegations that Nkosi cheated on her with another woman named Phumla M. according to The PopCorn Room, a source revealed that Nkosi got the other woman pregnant and was planning to make her a second wife.

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