MamMkhize swimming pool video

MamMkhize. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

WATCH: MaMkhize’s swimming pool video divide fans

MaMkhize divided fans on social media after sharing her swimming pool video, with some calling her an attention seeker.

MamMkhize swimming pool video

MamMkhize. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize

Dr Shauwn Mkhize famously knows MaMkhize divided fans on X with her swimming pool video on 3 March.

MaMkhize remains one of the most successful businesswomen in South Africa, with several ventures. Her involvement in construction and sports has made her famous, especially as the owner of Royal AM.

Despite her business success, MaMkhize has been popular on social media for her lifestyle. She drives expensive cars and does not bother showing them off, with her son Andile Mpisane also doing the same.

Sharing her expensive lifestyle on X (Twitter), MaMkhize shared a video of her in the swimming pool, but fans could not agree.

“Let me blessed your day with this video”, she said, sharing it on her profile.

MamMkhize swimming pool video
MaMkhize. Image via Instagram @kwa_mammkhize


Putting on a green swimming costume, MaMkhize showed what she does during some of her days. She also wore black and white swimming glasses and impressed some fans.

Undoubtedly, only a few South Africans can afford such a lifestyle, but some fans spoke about her age. Some claimed she was trying to get attention, which did not sit well with some fans.


After MaMkhize shared her swimming pool video, she left some fans divided on social media.

@OKM707 “Adults chasing the popularity they missed out on as a teenager are the worst.”

@Beloved_Ekasi “It’s important to go through all stages in life. So that when you are old, you don’t start doing things that will embarrass you like this. Which stage did you skip, Aunty 😭 I know it’s your life, but akubukeki.”

@LollyMkunqwana “You look perfect, mama.”

@Mhlengi78 “A few weeks back, someone older than Mamkhize did this, and you were happy for them, but it’s not good when it’s Mamkhize. Siyanbuka nje”

@GodExistB4Still “Sometimes we must allow people to be happy in their own space without throwing negative comments.”