Evicted 'Big Brother Mzansi' housemate Lerato Modise.

‘Big Brother Mzansi’ housemate Lerato Modise. Images via Twitter @jabu_mcdonald

WATCH: ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ fans unbothered by Lerato’s eviction

‘Big Brother Mzansi’ viewers celebrated Lerato Modise’s eviction from the reality TV show on Monday, 11 March.

Evicted 'Big Brother Mzansi' housemate Lerato Modise.

‘Big Brother Mzansi’ housemate Lerato Modise. Images via Twitter @jabu_mcdonald

30-year-old tenderpreneur, Lerato Modise was the twelfth housemate to get evicted from Big Brother Mzansi reality TV show.


Big Brother Mzansi reality TV star, Lerato Modise was evicted on Monday evening after spinning the wheel in the fate room.

The 30-year-old was nominated for eviction, sealed her fate in the fate room after picking a red ball, where she had to face the wheel.

In a shocking twist, Big Brother revealed that there were only two options, eviction and finale. If her arrow pointed at finale, Modise would have qualified for the finals. But her arrow pointed to eviction, and she left the house immediately.

Big Brother Mzansi viewers welcomed her eviction as many were disappointed when she survived Sunday, 10 March evictions.

Fans were unsympathetic towards Modise on social media because of her treatment towards fan-favourite housemate, Yolanda.

She and her house boyfriend, PapaGhost have tortured, name called Yolanda for weeks on end.



Lerato Modise’s eviction comes after Jareed and Els’ departures from the Big Brother Mzansi show on Sunday, 10 March evening.

Other evicted contestants include, Chueenza, Meelay, Mich, Taki, Pale, Fahima, Sammy_M, Mali, Neo and Bravo B’s disqualification.

The disgraced contestant Lindokuhle Nsele aka Bravo B reveals to Sowetan that he regrets the inappropriate comments.

Bravo B was disqualified from the show in its opening week after making offensive remarks. He adds that he cried when he got disqualified.

“I also cried on my way back home worried about what my father was going to say. He told me he knew me as his son and that what happened was a mistake I needed to learn from.”

“The support I received from my friends and family has helped me to get to a point where I’ve forgiven myself. I no longer self-blame.” 

He also reveals that he and Makhekhe love creating jokes, but they both went too far. All they wanted to do was to stir up conversation with viewers, but not to rape anyone. They wouldn’t have done that.