mmusi maimane, zizi kodwa, tyla

Mmusi Maimane has mocked Minister Zizi Kodwa over his encounter with Tyla.
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Ouch! Mmusi drags Zizi Kodwa over Tyla Grammy snub [watch]

Mmusi Maimane defended his comments mercilessly mocking Minister Zizi Kodwa who was embarrassingly snubbed by Tyla.

mmusi maimane, zizi kodwa, tyla

Mmusi Maimane has mocked Minister Zizi Kodwa over his encounter with Tyla.
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Mmusi Maimane has doubled down on his comments mocking Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Zizi Kodwa, who was embarrassingly snubbed by South African singer Tyla.

The Grammy-award-winning star returned home on Saturday, 30 March.

In a viral video, Tyla is seen seemingly refusing the minister the opportunity to touch the golden award.


After the video between Tyla and Zizi Kodwa blew up on social media, Build One South Africa leader Mmusi Maimane entered the chat.

Retweeting the clip, the former DA head referred to upcoming elections, sharing: “Voters. This is exactly how we must treat the ANC; do not give them any water”.

When one follower questioned how Mmusi – who is also an ordained minister at the Liberty Church in Johannesburg – could stoop so low, he responded with another clapback.

He tweeted: “Bushiri congregants, you think Jesus rises again every year? He rose once. We don’t have to insert a coin annually”.

He also defended Tyla’s actions towards the minister, tweeting: “She knows, and she also knows they like to claim things they had nothing to do with.”

It’s not the first time Mmusi Maimane has been criticised for his harsh words to a fellow politician.

A year ago, he took aim at Patriotic Alliance’s Gayton McKenzie and Kenny Kunene, tweeting:  “We cannot have convicted criminals governing the City of Johannesburg. That is like allowing an alcohol to run Tops”.

Gayton, a reformed convict, responded: “Usually, I would mind such a comment, but coming from a pastor makes me feel sorry for the people with whom you share the word of God with

“You are basically saying that the blood of Christ has no power to change my life. It’s lost its power”.

Gayton followed up with another tweet, adding: “I still think you are a wonderful gent @MmusiMaimane. All good and forgotten, we all say things we regret or wanna retract later. Thanks, and the blood lives”.

A few hours later, Mmusi sheepishly offered an apology – which he deleted, like his original tweet.

It read: “I respect Mr McKenzie and the work he has done post-serving time. I spoke out of anger on behalf of the residents due to the musical chairs of mayors”.

He added: “We serve the same Jesus, who believes the best of us in redemption.”


Meanwhile, Tyla has seemingly reacted to the controversy surrounding her actions.

Seemingly referencing Zizi Kodwa, she tweeted: “The minister told me to raise my award higher.  And I did!”.

She added: “Thank you again to all my supporters who came to give me a warm welcome home!”.