'The Mommy Club' Nozipho Ntshangase.

‘The Mommy Club’ Nozipho Ntshangase. Image via Twitter @shisherpost

‘The Mommy Club’s’ Nozipho heartbroken by husband’s plans

VIDEO: ‘The Mommy Club’ reality star Nozipho Ntshangase has opened up about her marriage to husband, Zola, who’s taken a second wife.

'The Mommy Club' Nozipho Ntshangase.

‘The Mommy Club’ Nozipho Ntshangase. Image via Twitter @shisherpost

Reality TV star Nozipho Ntshangase opens up about her separation from her husband on The Mommy Club reality TV show.


Mrs Ntshangase reveals on The Mommy’s Club that her husband’s plan has changed to bring her and her kid’s pain.

“The plan has changed. This plan has changed to bring me pain and to bring my kid’s pain. I’m not happy with the plan.”

“I don’t like the pain. I don’t think it’s fair. What am I gonna do? You spend 17 years building with someone. You spend your whole life not having to worry.”

This comes after a viral video of the Mommy Club star’s husband having a heated argument with his family.

In the video, Zola Ntshangase, who is the husband of The Mommy Club star, Nozipho Ntshangase is having a heated argument with his family.

The businessman is demanding car keys from Nozipho, who was adamant about the fact that she had to use the vehicle to take the children to school.

“I want my car keys so I can leave, you guys are holding me hostage. Do you guys want to fight me in my own home? Are [you] trying to tell me what to do?” Zola asks in the video.

IOL reports that Zola’s treatment towards his wife and children in the video has fans questioning his personality compared to their YouTube videos.

The publication reached out to Nozipho for a comment, who was not available at the time of publishing the article.


The Mommy Club‘s Nozipho Ntshangase reveals to Sunday World that she’s been approached to join several reality TV shows but declined.

She added that she joined The Mommy Club because the show was the right fit for her and her family.

“I watched the first season of The Mommy Club and I loved how classy and fabulous it was. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was something that I wanted to be a part of.”

“So, when the call came for me to be on the show, I knew that I had to do it. It spoke to me as a mother. This is one of the first few times that I am doing something solely for me, and it feels good.” she said.

The publications adds that the reality TV star revealed on the show that she was having some difficulties in her marriage.

Zola revealed in a statement that he paid lobola for his second wife, Misokuhle Mzizi.

“The disparaging remarks levelled at Misokuhle are tantamount to an unfair treatment that is characterised by abuse and stigmatisation,” he said.