the kiffness, flag is burning, DA

The Kiffness has parodied the DA’s burning flag advert.
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[WATCH] The Kiffness spoofs DA ad with ‘Flag Is Burning’ parody

The Kiffness has released parody song ‘Flag Is Burning’, inspired by a controversial advert created by the Democratic Alliance (DA)

the kiffness, flag is burning, DA

The Kiffness has parodied the DA’s burning flag advert.
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The Kiffness is back with another parody – and it’s all about the controversial “burning flag” television advert by the Democratic Alliance (DA)

The outspoken muso – real name Dave Scott – is known for his quirky parodies that have gone viral on his popular YouTube account.


On his X account, The Kiffness has fiercely defended the DA’s burning flag advert, which he believes is a “metaphor” for the current state of the nation.

And the backlash,  the eccentric artist claims he was inspired to “come out of parody retirement” with a musical spoof.

Sampling Midnight Oil’s Beds Are Burning single; The Kiffness released his parody Flag Is Burning with lyrics that reflect the controversial advert.

A snippet of the song reflects the lyrics.

The time has come 

To grab it by the neck

And kick them out

They must all voetsek

The time has come

A fact’s a fact

They burned this country down

Let’s take it back

How do you vote now the tide is turning?

How do we rescue our flag from burning?

How do we stop thugs and thieves returning?

How do we sleep while our country’s burning?


The Kiffness’s sampling of the Australian rock band Midnight Oil also has a political significance.

According to Song Facts, the 1987 hit Beds Are Burning was inspired after the members of the band witnessed the indigenous Aboriginal communities being forcibly removed from their homes and properties.

Speaking to, lead singer Peter Garrett said: “In retrospect, Beds (Are Burning) was the song we were born to record.

“It’s got all the bits to make it work: strong rhythms, good melody, and the lyrics had some punch while being very Aussie.

“It took a while to stick. It’s incredible how much it still gets played around the place.

“Who would have thought an Aboriginal land rights song would travel that far?”

In a tweet, The Kiffness claims his Flag Is Burning parody was inspired by the meaning of the struggle song. He posted: “During the July riots in 2021 this song came on my Spotify by chance. I thought ‘Geez, this is the perfect song for a parody’. But I shelved it and then decided now is the right time, especially after seeing the ad”.


Meanwhile, DA leader John Steenhuisen gave The Kiffness’s Flag Is Burning parody his seal of approval.

Retweeting the song, he posted: “How do we rescue our flag from burning?”. On its official X account, the political party also retweeted the catchy tune.

However, The Kiffness – who defended the DA’s controversial ad – added that he had “never taken a cent from the DA”.

Last month, the muso courted controversy when he created a “racist” meme depicting a “South African” who was faced with the choice of who to vote for in the elections. The person in the cartoon picture stood at a fork with two paths; one led to a bright future, and another led to something out of a nightmare.