Thabo Bester’s mother

Thabo Bester. Image from Twitter@viraltrends

Thabo Bester’s mother fears for her life, wants nothing to do with his trial

‘Victimisation, hunger, safety concerns’: Thabo Bester’s mother has opened up about her woes after the rearrest of his son.

Thabo Bester’s mother

Thabo Bester. Image from Twitter@viraltrends

The rearrest of serial Facebook rapist Thabo Bester has turned his mother’s life into a nightmare. Speaking to the media, Meisie Bester has it that her life has changed for the worse since her son was rearrested.

Thabo Bester was rearrested in Arusha, Tanzania, in 2023. His arrest came against the backdrop of his escape from Mangaung Correctional Service after faking his death.

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With his case still before the courts, his mother has opened up about her woes since his arrest. She has it that she now struggles with hunger, and her community has since sidelined her because of her relationship with Thabo Bester.

In the backdrop of her woes, she made it known that she didn’t want anything to do with Thabo Bester’s trial. Rumour mill believes she might be one of the 132 witnesses to testify in Bester’s case. Meisie revealed to eNCA that she now fears for her life since her son’s rearrest.

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Since Bester’s arrest, she has depended on her neighbours to verify some visitors. On a sad note, she hasn’t been able to access her grant payouts since changing her ID back to Bester.

This has undoubtedly affected her welfare since she depends on the payouts for basic commodities. With her SASSA problem yet to be addressed, she has it that she now relies on her neighbours for food.

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Meisie has also made it known that she now fears for her other sons’ safety. The community has been victimising her family because of their relationship with Bester.

Against the news, Mzansi has since reacted to the news. “It’s her son. She must accept him for who he is. Her presence might make him better,” an X user commented.

Another X user added, “No parent wants to be in this situation.”

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