steve hofmeyr, children

Meet Steve Hofmeyr’s six children.
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Steve Hofmeyr: Who are his children, baby mamas? [photos]

Over the years, Afrikaans singer and outspoken activist Steve Hofmeyr has had a string of flings and six children with five women…

steve hofmeyr, children

Meet Steve Hofmeyr’s six children.
Images via Instagram:

Steve Hofmeyr is recognised for his Afrikaans music, just as much as he’s known for his multiple baby mamas, children, and adoring female fans.

The 59-year-old father-of-six is currently married to Janine van der Vyver.

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Steve Hofmeyr will celebrate a decade of marriage to his wife Janine, who is the mother of his youngest child.

According to TimesLive, Steve embarked on an illicit and long-term affair with the fitness instructor while he was still married to actress Natasha Sutherland.

Steve wed Janine in 2014 after divorcing Natasha in 2008. At the time, Janine revealed that they had been dating for more than ten years.

Steve Hofmeyr, Janine
Steve and Janine. Images via Facebook: @steve.hofmeyr

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Before his split from Natasha, Janine put Steve on blast in a scathing open letter, claims IOL. In it, she claims that the singer promised her a house and an engagement ring during their affair. She also claims she had an abortion as Steve refused to take responsibility for his actions.

Taking it a step further, Janine sued Steve for breach of contract.

Clapping back, Steve accused Janine of having a “pathological obsession” with him. He counter-sued her, allegedly for defamation of character.

In a blog post in 2008, Steve addressed the scandal. He wrote: “My private weaknesses are clearly great fun, but apart from the fact that I fell in love with someone else and have to explain that to Natasha (Sutherland, his wife), I owe you nothing”.

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In 2011, Steve and Janine – who had then rekindled their romance – withdrew their lawsuits against each other.


Steve Hofmeyr has had a colourful relationship with, resulting in six children with five women.

Over the years, he’s made headlines for his various flings and failure to pay child maintenance.

Here’s a look at his children…

Daughter Charissa whose mother is Chantelle Albertyn

Son Devon whose mother is Noline Fourie.

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Son Armand with Ansie Kruger

Sons Sebastian and Benjamin with ex-wife Natasha Sutherland

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Daughter Romy-Lee with wife Janine van der Vyver