Sizwe Dhlomo Alostro

Sizwe Dhlomo questions clubs booking homeless Alostro. Images: X @SizweDhlomo Instagram @propaganda_pretoria

‘What’s going on?’ – Sizwe Dhlomo questions clubs booking homeless Alostro

Celebrated media personality Sizwe Dhlomo is trending after he seemingly took a swipe at clubs booking homeless Alostro.

Sizwe Dhlomo Alostro

Sizwe Dhlomo questions clubs booking homeless Alostro. Images: X @SizweDhlomo Instagram @propaganda_pretoria

Celebrated media personality Sizwe Dhlomo is topping trends after he questioned clubs booking homeless Alostro. Dhlomo seems puzzled by this gesture and made it known on X, formerly Twitter.

No doubt Alostro has been booked and busy and club-hopping for several weeks.

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He has been winning big of late since his newfound fame. He has graced clubs like Propaganda in Pretoria with several joints engaging him for future appearances during the festive season.

Against his newfound fame, Dhlomo asked why he was being booked, and it seems his thread has since left Mznasi divided. Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Dhlomo posted:

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Against his post, X users flooded his comments section with their two cents. Some said it was a new trend; hence, Dhlomo shouldn’t be a classist.

On the other hand, some users agreed with Dhlomo. Despite being puzzled, as Sizwe Dhlomo, other users asked why homeless people shouldn’t be in the clubs if they can afford to in different circumstances.


@like_confettii asked: “Are they, not human beings? Who must the homeless people with? Animals?”

@rich_dux said: “For all we know, he could be working on turning over a new leaf in his life, as he’s been performing, meaning he was BOOKED, not even hurting anyone. But there you are in your fortunate state. Judging in an ignorant classist fashion.”

@shynekakhulu commented: “It’s okay to jive with drug dealers but not their customers?”

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With Bonga out of the picture, Alostro seems to be getting his shine. Taking to X popular user, PMC Africa shared of Alostro performing at Propaganda in Pretoria. The video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

Other users were more than concerned about his booking fees and who handles them.

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