Shebeshxt and DJ Maphorisa

Shebeshxt and DJ Maphorisa. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

WATCH: Shebeshxt claims exploitation at hands of Maphorisa

Exploitation allegations against DJ Maphorisa have once again resurfaced after rap sensation Shebeshxt’interview.

Shebeshxt and DJ Maphorisa

Shebeshxt and DJ Maphorisa. Image via Instagram @djmaphorisa

Music sensation Shebeshxt, real name Lehlogonolo Chauke, has claimed that DJ Maphorisa did not inform of the business aspect of their collaborative song, Twerka, before and after recording it.

The Limpopo-born rapper was speaking during his interview on fellow rapper L-Tido’s podcast.


During the chat, Shebeshxt said that Maphorisa – real name Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe – did not furnish him with a split sheet to sign for their song, which also features Xduppy.

According to Music In Africa, a split sheet is a written agreement between the people involved in the creation of music. It identifies each contributor and establishes ownership percentages among them. The percentages agreed upon dictate how much each contributor will receive in royalties.

Further speaking to L-Tido, the Dilo Tse Massive rapper said Maphorisa didn’t tell him when the song was going to be released. He said he saw it on the internet.

“I’m not making this up. I’m a truthful person and I am hated for my truthfulness… I am not trying to put the blame on him [Maphorisa], neither would I disrespect him. He is my friend, but I am being honest.”

Shebeshxt went on to state that he would have appreciated it if Maphorisa shared his music business knowledge with him because he doesn’t know much.


Maphorisa has been accused of exploiting artists before.

In January this year, he was feuding with award-winning podcaster MacG for the same reasons. Their feud was sparked by Maphorisa’s utterances on Instagram, wherein he told artists that all the music they record in his studio belongs to him.

“When you record music on my computer, my studio, with my electricity. That sh*t is mine. It belongs to me. You must understand when you work in someone’s studio, that sh*t is not yours.

“Go buy your studio, buy plug-ins, FruityLoops [a digital audio software now known as FL Studio], a microphone and whatever, then make music and release it. Then those will be your masters,” Maphorisa said.

Slamming his remarks, MacG (who is also a DJ) likened Maphorisa to a “vampire that feeds from the youth.” MacG revealed that “nobody says anything nice about DJ Maphorisa.”


The Blaqboy Music record label owner was also lambasted by fellow DJ and producer Prince Kaybee for his business dealings.

“There’s lack of Moral commitment to artists, generally, from a basic human principle, to parallel their artistic capabilities and talent to a computer, lights and Nandos and it’s not building the economy of the artist. I disagree with what you stand for and that’s that,” Prince Kaybee said.

The Gugulethu hitmaker further rubbished claims that there are bylaws binding a recording artist to hand over their master recordings to the owner of the studio they used to record their songs.

“Furthermore, they say it’s the law. There is no such a law. Talent from a sole business (artist) can’t be regulated under any governing body because it’s non existent. Yall follow contracts that were made in the 1800s to better suit record labels and no wonder record labels have become unpopular [sic].

“Lastly, you want to quantify a personal piece of art from a talented individual to facilities, how far do you really wanna take it?, what if the artist has had the song started before he got to the studio, what if the artist doesn’t eat, what if the artist comes with plugins and chords already formulated, how far do you want to take it? F**K OFF MAN.”