MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

SA Elections 2024: No, MacG is NOT running for seat in Parliament

Popular podcast MacG has cleared the air and explained why he was seen garnering signatures for a seat in Parliament.

MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

Questions have been raised on social media after popular podcaster Macgyver “MacG” Mukhwevho launched a last-minute campaign for a seat in Parliament ahead of the 2024 general and provincial elections.

South Africans will cast their vote on 29 May 2024 – and while one can vote for a political party, there is also the option of voting for an individual.


Over a week ago, MacG announced on his YouTube show that he would be in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, where he planned to garner 1 000 signatures, which would qualify him to stand as an independent candidate. He told his viewers – known as the “Chillers” – to help make this happen.

“Chillers, join us today at 4 pm outside Wing Republic in Braamfontein to rally behind our cause to get 1000 signatures for parliament! Let’s make a difference together. #ChillersUnite,” he said.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), independent candidates are required to garner 1 000 signatures to contest in the elections. The IEC set a deadline of 8 March for these signatures to be submitted.

MacG, who (by his own admission, has no interest in politics although he will be voting) has over 1 million YouTube subscribers.


While the podcaster obtained the required number of signatures in time, he told his viewers on Podcast and Chill on Monday, 11 March, that he is not running for a seat in Parliament. The former 947 presenter explained that he was campaigning for comedian Eugene Khoza.

“We did Braam on Wednesday, we got about 460 signatures in two hours. And then we went to Pretoria to Dudu [the podcast’s content priducer] while we waited we got some signatures and then we ended up staying there the whole time and then we got the 1 000 signatures on Thursday, ” MacG explained to his co-host Sol Phenduka who was off sick after a trip to Miami, United States.

The idea for a seat in Parliament was brought forward by Metro FM producer JJ Sesing. On the show, clarified that they would be sending Khoza to Parliament. He also emphasised that MacG is not starting a political party.

“We ticked all the boxes for the IEC, so now the ball is in their court,” Sesing said.

“We are supporting Eugene as an independent candidate to put him in Parliament. He’s going to go there and represent our interest, so we have to give him a mandate.

“The Chillers ticket are going to give him a mandate and say Eugene, when you go to parliament right after we voted for you, we want you to address the following issues: A,B, C…”