Sorisha Naidoo's lifestyle is the envy of many.

Sorisha Naidoo’s lifestyle is the envy of many. Image via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

Stingy? ‘RHOD’ fans call out Sorisha for not organising ‘girl trips’

‘If stingy was a person’: A ‘Real Housewives of Durban’ fan called Sorisha out for not taking the ladies out on more lavish trips.

Sorisha Naidoo's lifestyle is the envy of many.

Sorisha Naidoo’s lifestyle is the envy of many. Image via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

Real Housewives of Durban star Sorisha Naidoo and her billionaire husband Vivian Reddy are one of South Africa’s biggest couples. The pair’s lavish lifestyle remains the envy of many who enjoy watching Sorisha frolic in her expensive clothes while taking helicopter rides to exotic locations with her co-star’s on RHOD.

Her designer bags and over-the-top home stays on everyone’s lips as they discuss just how wealthy she is.

This week, however, one X user headed online to accuse the reality TV star and businesswoman of being stingy. According to the app user, Sorisha should be organising more trips for herself and the other ladies on the show.

The fabulous life of Sorisha

Sorisha Naidoo, reality TV star, actress and businesswoman from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, one of SA’s most beloved media personalities.

She is married to innovative and cunning businessman Vivian Reddy who is one of the country’s very few billionaires.

The pair live the life that many only dream of and are one of the country’s most famous couples.

Sorisha left many people laughing after sharing a post of her husband Vivian doing a little clip to promote his Oceans Mall. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo
Sorisha Naidoo and her husband Vivian Reddy. Images via Instagram: @sorishanaidoo

Many are often left with their jaws dropped whenever Sorisha gives us a glimpse of her lavish lifestyle.

While she is humble and rarely ever brags, she often shares some content of her lovely home on her Instagram.

She also gives us glimpses into her exquisite wardrobe every now and then.

A teeny bit stingy?

With all of that money in her bank account, some Real Housewives of Durban fans believe she should be forking out more on lavish trips for her and her show’s co-stars.

Taking to X this week, one app user called her “stingy” for not paying for more trips.

“If stingy was a person, when is she taking the ladies on vacation? #RHODurban,” the person wrote sparking various reactions from other app users.

Many pointed out that production companies often pay for these trips and not the reality TV stars – this would mean that it never was or will be Sorisha’s responsibility.

“They don’t use their own money for vacation.. delete this post. Production chooses one of the members of the cost to host the trip or vacation.. everything is paid for by the production company,” one person said while another wrote:

“people that work for their money don’t recklessly spend.”