Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma. Images via X @metrofmsa

Rapping presidential candidate: Duduzane Zuma shows off rap skills [watch]

From politics to hip hop: Businessman Duduzane Zuma was ‘hanging out’ with Tbo Touch when he channelled his inner Jay Z.

Duduzane Zuma

Duduzane Zuma. Images via X @metrofmsa

If Duduzane Zuma was not a businessman or politician, he would probably be a rapper.

The 41-year-old presidential hopeful, who recently announced that he is launching his political party this month, seems to know how to “spit” (as the cool kids call “rapping” these days).

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In a video shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) and shot last year, Duduzane is seen rapping along to Jay Z on the American rapper’s song, titled You Don’t Know. Duduzane was at the Metro FM studios for an interview with Tbo Touch on The Touch Drive when he channelled his inner Jay Z and started showing off his skills.

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The businessman, who is former president Jacob Zuma’s son, was clearly enjoying what he was doing, as he even stood up, wore his cap, and rapped to the track.

Take a look…


Earlier this month, Duduzane told Sunday World that his plans going to the election this year include a new and realistic vision.

Speaking about his political organisation, which is yet to be unveiled, he said: “An inclusive narrative. Society-driven solutions that are current, new-age, and driven by people who are affected by and understand today’s issues. Broadly put, messaging and activities that will lead to a drastic mindset change are the basis for fundamental and structural change.”

He continued: “We will move from the politics of desperation to the politics of inspiration. This we will do by creating positive and active role models. [We will also] give access to finance for those who are serious enough to take advantage of the opportunities that we will create. We are the ones who will do it. A change of mindset from a consumer mentality to a producing one. Building South Africa and Africa one brick at a time.”

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Duduzane explained that his party, whose name he is yet to reveal, is a movement for all ages, races, religions and cultures. young, old, black, white, coloured, Indian, male, female, all religions.

“This movement, will without a doubt, be driven by the youth, which is non-negotiable.”

Asked about his father’s political party, UMkhonto Wesizwe Party (MK Party), Duduzane said that he was not a member.