cheslin kolbe, layla

Cheslin Kolbe shared his sadness at missing his daughter’s first day of school.
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‘Happy, emotional’: Cheslin Kolbe misses kids first day of school [photos]

It was a bittersweet back-to-school adventure for Layla and Cheslin Kolbe after he missed his kids’ first day at their South African schools…

cheslin kolbe, layla

Cheslin Kolbe shared his sadness at missing his daughter’s first day of school.
Images via Instagram:

If moving back to South Africa alone with three kids in tow wasn’t daunting enough, Cheslin Kolbe’s wife Layla had to prepare them for school in South Africa in less than a week.

The Springok WAG  joined moms around the country with her back-to-school trek on Wednesday, 17 January.

Sadly, Cheslin – who plays for Sungoliath in Japan – was missing from the family pics.

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Over the weekend, Layla revealed she had returned to SA sans Cheslin Kolbe.

“And so our (without Cheslin) new journey in [SA flag, officially begins,” she posted on her Instagram Story.

She continued in a post on her feed: “We can finally call [SA flag emoji] home.”

Over the next few days, Layla revealed how she had to do last-minute shopping for school supplies. But despite the frantic activity, the couple’s daughters, Kylah and Milah – made it to school with smiles on their faces.

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Sharing a pic of his daughters and wife Layla, Cheslin posted: “Adjusting to the new. Grade 1 and preschool for my super girls and me being happy and emotional at the same time.”

Last year, Kylah attended school in France, where her famous father played for Toulon. But just a month later, that came to an end amid the Rugby World Cup.


According to SA Rugby, Cheslin Kolbe signed with Sungoliath to play in the 2023/2024 season.

But will the Kraaifontein-born Springbok return home once his time is up?

Last year, the twice-winning Rugby World Cup champion was tipped to return to his home club at the Stormers. But this was quickly refuted by the club, who essentially claimed they couldn’t afford him.

In an interview with Cape Talk radio last year, Stormers coach John Dobson shot down the possibility of Cheslin Kolbes’s return.

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He said: “I’ll tell you… they released his offer to us last week, and they came back with a number that was probably the GDP of Lesotho. We are in administration, and that number is just impossible.

Not long after, Layla slammed a media report claiming Cheslin had turned down a lucrative deal to play for the club.

She posted on Instagram: “He would’ve loved to go back to the Stormers!….He did not turn down a R15m offer! That was not put on the table”.