Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee. Image from Instagram@princekaybee_sa

‘Disappointed’: Kaybee opens up about employee robbing him

Eish! South African musician and businessman Prince Kaybee headed online to complain that an employee stole from him.

Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee. Image from Instagram@princekaybee_sa

South African musician Prince Kaybee just left his followers feeling concerned after he headed online to share that one of his employees stole from him.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter,) Kaybee shared the news but didn’t go into detail about exactly what the employee stole and how it was stolen.

Many instantly assumed that it was money that was stolen. While some shared advice with him and stories of how they were robbed by people whom they trusted, others asked him if he was open to hiring someone new. Others insensitively joked about the matter.

Prince Kaybee fade fail leaves SA laughing out loud

If there’s one thing about local producer Prince Kaybee — real name Kabelo Motsamai — it’s that he loves social media.

He is always posting and keeping his fans up to date about his daily life.

He recently left many of them concerned after he shared that one of his employees had stolen from him. He also opened up about how disappointed he was in the person behind the robbery.

Prince Kaybee hair
Prince Kaybee hates his new haircut. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa

The musician didn’t go into detail about what was stolen. He did, however, say that this was the first time that an employee has stolen from him.

“An employee stole from me today, first time ever. I’m so disappointed man,” he wrote in a post on X.

More horror stories

In the comment section, many could relate to Kaybee and sympathised with him. Some even shared stories about how they were ripped off by people they trusted.

“Bra! A friend scammed me. A brother that I trusted, chilled with … I hosted him and his woman in my house, etc Trust nobody in JHB,” wrote entertainment blogger Phil Mphela.

Another X user asked the musician how much the employee was getting paid, insinuating that getting underpaid may have resulted in the decision to steal:

“Are you paying him well Grootman ? Phela stealing can be enhanced by low income or Greed So before we judge an employee we must know how much are they getting!

“Last year, I had one of my staff steal about R20k from me, directing customers to pay into her account. I was so disappointed cos I trusted her so much, I learned the hard way. Being too nice sometimes makes one a fool,” a third added.