McJunior wins 'Big Brother Mzansi'.

McJunior wins ‘Big Brother Mzansi’. Image via Twitter @jabu_mcdonald

‘BBMzansi’ winner McJunior labelled greedy for accepting donations from fans

‘Your fans help you win R2m and you still want more money from them?’: #BBMzansi winner McJunior slammed on social media.

McJunior wins 'Big Brother Mzansi'.

McJunior wins ‘Big Brother Mzansi’. Image via Twitter @jabu_mcdonald

The McForce Family – Big Brother Mzansi (BBMzansi) season four winner McJunior’s legion of fans – want the 25-year-old to have more than his grand prize money in his bank account.

McJunior, real name Sphephelo Zondi, was crowned the reality TV competition winner on Sunday, 31 March, walking away with a whopping R2 million. His fans, however, want him to have more than that.


In a statement shared on social media, McJunior shared his banking details with his supporters, clarifying that the previous details were incorrect.

“I just want to clear up some confusion regarding the account details that were shared in my name. Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for all the support and contributions throughout my journey on Big Brother – it means the world to me.

“Regarding the accounts used for contributions during voting time, those were actually my sister’s accounts (Kholeka M). She’s been my rock throughout this entire experience, and she was listed as my next of kin. When supporters requested my official accounts, I made a video confirming them to avoid any misunderstanding.

“However, I want to apologize for any confusion caused by my editor, who mistakenly provided the wrong digits for the account number,” he wrote before sharing the account details, which he also confirmed in a TikTok video.

Read the full statement here.


The BBMzansi winner’s statement was met with heavy backlash on X, as netizens accused him of being greedy.

“Your fans help you win R2m, and you still want more money from them?” asked one X user.

“Wait, is this actually a joke or what? You literally won 2M brands less than a week ago! You should be planning to support the people who voted for you not you taking from them!” another wrote.

However, the McForce Family came to his defence as they explained that they were the ones who wanted to make monetary contributions.

“He never asked for donations. He was clarifying about contributions from his Fans that actually want to contribute for him. He didn’t ask he even said he wasn’t aware that there was contributions for him [sic].” said one fan.

“Guys please don’t come for McJunior his own fans asked him to open an account so they can contribute for him. He never asked,” said another.