Musa Mthombeni is now a radiologist. Image via Instagram @liesllaurie

Musa Mthombeni is now a radiologist. Image via Instagram @liesllaurie

Musa Mthombeni: ‘College exams are probably what hell feels like’

Musa Mthombeni recently bagged the “Doctor” title and the people closest to him, especially his wife Liesl, are gassed up about it.

Musa Mthombeni is now a radiologist. Image via Instagram @liesllaurie

Musa Mthombeni is now a radiologist. Image via Instagram @liesllaurie

It was a beautiful display of love and pride as Liesl Laurie-Mthombeni, wife of Musa Mthombeni, orchestrated a stunning surprise graduation bash for her husband following his recent graduation from the esteemed College of Diagnostic Radiologists of South Africa.

Dr. Musa’s journey to hitting this major milestone was crowned with a joyous affair which was captured and shared with the world through a series of Instagram posts.


Last Thursday, Musa took to social media to showcase his graduation photos and videos. He minced no words in celebrating his latest “Doctor” title with the inspirational words, “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Welcome to graduation,” his caption read.

Liesl, equally thrilled by her husband’s achievement, spared no effort in creating an unforgettable celebration. Through a cascade of photos posted on Wednesday, she unveiled the surprise party and expressed her immense pride and love for Dr. Musa.

“Surprise graduation party for my baby,” she wrote on her Instagram. “He thought we were going to a brand event; little did he know that he was the brand we were looking to celebrate. I love you @drmusamthombeni – and I am so proud of you!”

Dr. Musa, touched by Liesl’s gesture, reciprocated the sentiment with heartfelt words of appreciation. “Literally, no one I’d rather be with,” he confessed in the comment section. “What an insanely special person you are,” he wrote in another comment.


According to him, his journey to certification as a board-certified specialist radiologist was no small task. He went ahead to share a few insights into the challenges faced along the way. 

The Citizen documented the Instagram story, which was cleared off at the usual 24-hour mark:

“Last night was a celebration of success with my little radiology family.”

“College exams are probably what hell feels like. Personally, I hate education, and this series of exams reminded me just how much. Anyway, we succeeded by fire or by force, and here we are. The Wits 2023 First Semester Radiology Class,” he recounted.

He also took a moment to express gratitude to Liesl for her setting up the celebratory evening. True to his style, he definitely threw in a few words to compliment her.

“Special shout-out to my gorgeous wife [Liesl Laurie, who also happens to be a radiologist too] who organised the dinner and gifts. What a sexy and gorgeous girl!”