sbu mpisane, mamkhize, cart blanche

Where is MaMkhize’s estranged husband, Sbu Mpisane, now Images via Instagram: @royalam_fc/Gap Fixers SA

Police to politics: Where is MaMkhize’s estranged husband Sbu Mpisane?

MaMkhize – whose ‘Carte Blanche’ interview courted controversy – is estranged from millionaire Durban cop Sbu Mpisane. Where is he now?

sbu mpisane, mamkhize, cart blanche

Where is MaMkhize’s estranged husband, Sbu Mpisane, now Images via Instagram: @royalam_fc/Gap Fixers SA

Shauwn Mkhize or MaMkhize – who recently appeared in a Carte Blanche expose on Sunday – was one-half of Durban’s most glamorous couples. The reality TV star was married to Sbu Mpisane, a Metro cop turned hotshot businessman.

Following their split and her rebranding as a TV star, many have wondered what has happened to her husband of 15 years.


Shauwn and Sbu Mpisane first burst onto the scene two decades ago when they reportedly wed.

Not much is known about their wedding or their early days as a couple who welcomed their first child together – son Andile Mpisane, who recently celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Over the years, the couple made headlines for their A-list parties at their La Lucia mansion as well as their run-ins with the law. This included allegations of fraud, forgery, bribery, and tax evasion.

mamkhize, carte blanche
MaMkhize has reacted to an embarrassing interview on Carte Blanche. Images via YouTube screenshot: Carte Blanche

 In 2011, the couple had a grand celebration at the Zimbali Golf Estate. According to Sowetan, this was to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary, 20 years as a couple, and Sbu Mpisane’s 40th birthday.

The couple accumulated much of their wealth as founders of Zikhulise Group, a company Carte Blanche claimed received over R1 billion in government tenders for low-cost housing and Public Works contracts.

In 2019, the couple made headlines when it was revealed that their marriage was officially over.

A year later, Shauwn rebranded herself as “MaMkhize” after taking on her maiden name. Her reality TV show Kwa Mam’Mkhize  – about her new chapter navigating life as a “single woman and mother” – first aired on Mzansi Magic in early 2020. The first season was an instant hit amongst viewers.

She told TshisaLive of her motivation behind the show: “When you hear people talking and referring to you, you realise how little they know about you as a person.

“So I thought this will assist me to gain my identity and tell my story my way.”


According to multiple reports, Sbu Mpisane lived large as a Metro police officer in the dog unit department.

Despite less than R20 000 per his salary, the cop drove a Lamborghini to work. He also lived in a R15,5 million mansion, claims The Witness.

The couple’s lavish lifestyle, coupled with their multimillion rand contracts, had authorities on high alert.

According to TimesLive, Sbu soon resigned from the Metro police and joined his wife in their family business.

After their split in 2019, there was a disagreement about ownership of their PSL club, Royal Eagles. The club later became Real Kings, and Royal AM. This “dirty laundry” was aired via an Instagram rant by their son, Andile Mpisane.

Fast forward to 2023, and Sbu Mpisane – who is still legally married to Shauwn and lives in their Durban marital home – announced his political ambitions. 

Sbu, the chairperson of the Gap Fixers of South Africa, will contest in the elections next month.

He said in the party’s launch earlier this year: “The government’s system seems to favour whites who still have the economic power until today.

“This is what the Gap Fixers want to fix”.