MacG, Podcast & Chill

MacG is being slammed again. Image via Twitter @RealXavier011
/ @BafanaSurprise

‘Wild and harmful misogyny’: Outrage over MacG’s GQ award

MacG’s history of alleged women abuse and ‘inappropriate Podcast and Chill’ episodes were brought up after he won a GQ award.

MacG, Podcast & Chill

MacG is being slammed again. Image via Twitter @RealXavier011
/ @BafanaSurprise

South African podcaster MacG — real name MacGuyver Mukhwevho — just won GQ’s Entertainer of The Year award for his popular podcast. While many are celebrating this win for the Podcast and Chill host, not everyone is impressed. According to social media users, MacG shouldn’t be winning any awards for a show that is “harmfully misogynistic”.

This comes after MacG faced criticism for his “inappropriate” interview with American singer Ari Lennox. In 2018, he was also accused of “beating his then girlfriend to a pulp”.

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MacG’s GQ award slammed by X users

Over the last few years, popular South African podcast Podcast and Chill has been dropping bombshell episodes that have left fans with dropped jaws.

We’ve seen an array of celebs, politicians and even sex workers on the show and it has definitely made for top tier entertainment.

In fact, some celebrities such as Jub Jub even got cancelled for a short while after he visited the show and said some things that he probably shouldn’t have.

Podcast and Chill macg
Sol and MacG at the ‘Podcast and Chill’ set. Image via Instagram @podcastwithmacg

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The show’s founder and host MacG definitely has the secret recipe when it comes to creating valuable entertainment and his 1 million subscribers are proof of that.

His show, however, isn’t liked by everyone. In the past, he has been called off for being misogynistic and inappropriate.

In 2021, he was blasted by US singer Ari Lennox after he asked her what many have now called disrespectful questions.

Despite all of this, he won GQ’s Entertainer of the Year Award.

Take a look below:

Backlash galore

Many have slammed the organisers for awarding him despite all of the controversies.

“During the 16days. A podcast that regularly displays wild and harmful misogyny? Interesting choices,” one person commented while another wrote:

“They have sjava on the cover of the latest issue, that tells you where they stand on things.”

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