Siya Kolisi France house

Siya Kolisi, his family, and Layla Kolbe at his France house. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘You deserve a better house’: Siya Kolisi’s France house gets Mzansi talking [pictures]

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi’s France house left fans debating if it was not up to standard or if it was their humility.

Siya Kolisi France house

Siya Kolisi, his family, and Layla Kolbe at his France house. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi

Springboks captain Siya Kolisi’s France house left fans talking after he shared pictures chilling with his family.

It was a good Sunday as Siya Kolisi, his wife Rachel, and their kids chilled and relaxed in their house.

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After Siya shared the picture, some fans were not impressed by what they saw in Siya’s house.

Rachel and Siya’s house had been where many wags loved during the World Cup.

Layla Kolbe shared a video on her Instagram of when she got laundry assistance from Rachel.

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There, she did not share the inside of Siya Kolisi’s house, and that’s probably why fans did not see it.

Sharing a picture chilling in their house, Siya Kolisi was happy to enjoy a Sunday.

“Sunday ❤️”

Siya Kolisi France house
Siya Kolisi and his family. image via Instagram @siyakolisi


Inside Siya Kolisi’s house, it seemed less impressive than fans expected regarding the furniture.

The shared post divided many fans, as some said no matter how big or small, a house is where the heart is.

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Some agreed that it looked small and not fancy but hailed the family for their humbleness.


After Siya Kolisi shared a picture, many fans discussed their France house, with some citing their humility as the reason.

izaya “No disrespect to the Captain. Is this a house 🏠 or Hotel/Condo you deserve a better house for a captain.”

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Jolene van der Westhuizen “@izaya673 home is where the heart is. You can live in a beautiful big house and have nothing and be empty inside, this here…. this pic in this home or apartment is home. With a wife and children …. no size matters. Its home. Houses, apartments in anycase is way different in Europe as in SA. Cannot compare the style and sizes”

babadee “@jolenevdwesthuizen_jo well said! Such comments from @izaya673 shows us how narrow minded some folks are.”

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Nolly Mangolele “@izaya673 You surely have not been to France as the area he lives in is one of the nicest and place could be worth more than a 5 bed with a pool in SA. I understand he plays for a team based in LA Defense and for sure a good business district area and quality of life…Leave mzansi a little bit to explore🥲”

Charlene Jaftha Rodriques “@izaya673 I disagree with you… Think further than material things. This is a humble family..”