Lira will perform at Bassline fest. Image via Instagram @miss_lira

Lira will perform at Bassline fest. Image via Instagram @miss_lira

Lira to perform on stage for the first time since suffering stroke

Lira is officially back on stage to perform for the first time in two years after a heartbreaking struggle with stroke and aphasia.

Lira will perform at Bassline fest. Image via Instagram @miss_lira

Lira will perform at Bassline fest. Image via Instagram @miss_lira

Two years ago, many hearts were broken throughout South Africa as the queen of Afro-soul, Lerato “Lira” Molapo, suffered a devastating stroke while in Germany for a show. It was so bad, she was diagnosed with aphasia–a condition which impaired her ability to read, speak and write. Naturally, this left many wondering if the world will ever see the multi-platinum-selling singer perform on stage again. As luck would have it, the answer to this is a glowing yes.


Come May 25 2024, Lira will be performing live for the first time since 2022 at Bassline Fest. This is happening just a few months after she surprised the world with a heartfelt feature performance along with Sunnyboy Vincent Dladla and Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha at the RMB Starlight Classics 2023 in Johannesburg. The Bassline publication records Lira commenting on her journey up to this stage:

“I am so excited and looking forward to being on stage again to perform at Bassline Fest Africa Day Celebration on Saturday, 25 May.

“What makes this performance extra special is that we are celebrating 30 years of democracy in South Africa, the new Lira, and Bassline’s 30th Anniversary.

“I have so much to be grateful for, and I look forward to seeing you at Constitution Hill Square on Africa Day,“ she said.


She also noted her fans’ curiosity about what really went on in her life those two years. According to her, that two-year experience brought so much change that she considers her current self completely new and “the “old Lira” gone.

In her own words: 

“People were initially interested in my recovery journey and, as time went by, started asking when I would perform again. I have been practising to perform as part of my recovery and have come to accept that the old Lira is gone.

“I wondered who the new Lira would be, and I have been getting to know her. I feel ready to share her with the public,” said Lira.

According to IOL, Bassline Fest’s Paige Holmes remarked that this represents new beginnings for the singer and songwriter who considers her total transformation as a “stroke of luck.” 

“My stroke was a blessing as it has given me a second chance at life,” she stated.