lasizwe, range rover

Lasizwe Dambuza has confirmed selling his luxury Range Rover.
Images via Instagram: @lasizwe/ Autotrader

‘Normalise selling your car’: Lasizwe shares story of Range Rover

Lasizwe has shared the touching account of his dream to drive A luxury Range Rover, which he recently sold over financial constraints.

lasizwe, range rover

Lasizwe Dambuza has confirmed selling his luxury Range Rover.
Images via Instagram: @lasizwe/ Autotrader

Lasizwe Dumbuza has been praised for his honesty in admitting that he sold his luxury Range Rover, reportedly due to financial constraints.

The YouTuber and reality TV star made the confession after an image of his car on sales page Auto Trader went viral.

In 2022, Lasizwe purchased the car, which he claims made him “feel rich.”


In a sentimental Instagram post, Lasizwe confirmed that he was indeed selling his car, a 2021 black Range Rover.

He posted alongside pics of the luxury ride: “Goodbye, Sthandwa Sam’! You have been such an absolute pleasure to drive in, cry in, celebrate in, and feel safe in! Thank you for the beautiful memories, and thank you for reminding me that I can and I am able”.

He continued: “I hope your new owner will take good care of you like how I did! (I know it sounds like you are human; it’s because you took good care of me) Thank you, I love you”.

Touching his followers with his honesty and transparency, he added: “Also, this post is to normalise that it’s okay to sell your car. There’s nothing wrong with selling your car. Life always has a plan.”


In an interview with last year, Lasizwe revealed that his first car was a VW Jetta, which belonged to his late mother. The entertainer claimed the car was old and needed lots of maintenance.

He said: “I told myself that my first car purchase needs to be luxury. I saved up”.

Sadly, Lasizwe was “scammed” by a dealership in his first official car purchase, which he claims had a high-interest rate. He sold the car but had a shortfall of R80 000.

His next car would be his last – the shiny Range Rover. According to the comedian, he purchased the car after his mother came to him in a dream.

“She said: ‘My child. I’m here to tell you that you saw your car’”.

He added about his purchase: “It makes me feel rich like I work hard.”


According to AutoTrader, Lasizwe’s car is still on sale for R1,2 million.

A luxury few specs include:

  • 360 Degree surround cameras
  • Ivory heated leather interior
  • Electric seats with driver memory
  • Keyless start
  • Apple car play and Android auto
  • Ion air purifier

The automatic car – which has a mileage of just over 50 000 km – can be financed for roughly R22 000 per month.