Springbok Cheslin Kolbe under-7 coaches

Cheslin Kolbe. image via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

In pictures: Springbok Cheslin Kolbe meets his under-7 coaches

The women behind a World Cup legend – Meet Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe’s under-7 coaches who groomed him.

Springbok Cheslin Kolbe under-7 coaches

Cheslin Kolbe. image via Instagram @cheslinkolbe

Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe met with his under-7 coaches, and it was an emotional moment.

Cheslin Kolbe had been one of the finest players at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

He helped the Springboks win their 4th World Cup, cementing themselves as the best rugby nation in the world.

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Indeed, many of their players came from humble beginnings, and their stories differ.

Cheslin still had a journey and a privilege to have his coaches from an early age.

They are the people who groomed him to become a top player, and here they are.

Springbok Cheslin Kolbe under-7 coaches
Cheslin Kolbe. image via Instagram @cheslinkolbe


Cheslin was back at his school, a place where he started his rugby journey and met many people.

He had time inspiring young kids from his school, and everything looked perfect.

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In capping his day, he had time with the ladies who groomed him as a boy.

They were his coaches when he was still at school, coaching him rugby when he was in the under-7.

Sharing his Instagram, Cheslin looked happy to meet the people who helped shape him.

“My under 7 rugby coaches”


Springboks star Cheslin Kolbe celebrated the RWC win, meeting many fans, including his under-7 coaches.

When he lifted the trophy in France, Cheslin celebrated with his wife, and they thanked God for it.

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He also stayed many days without taking off his wristbands; many fans loved it.

Celebrating with him, many fans congratulated him on Instagram, showing him love.

layla_kolbe “It’s coming 😍🙌 never been this excited to return home!”

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linamallon “when entering any starbucks at an airport, it always says: bring your own cup, we’ll fill it. so maybe that’s an idea. 😂🤍”

sungukhosa “So nice of you guys to take Webbie on a little vacation to France✨”

b_miller.og “Why is the brother still wrapped in strapping?😂”

retromod.za “Well done on an absolutely phenomenal performance throughout the World Cup Cheslin, you’re an absolute legend and you’ve done the entire country proud ! 🏆”