God Panuel defend Siya Kolisi

God Panuel and Siya Kolisi. Images via X @ThisIsColbert, via Instagram @siyakolisi

‘He didn’t play rugby for political reasons’: God Panuel defends Siya Kolisi

God Panuel opened his heart defending the Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi, saying he did not play rugby for political reasons.

God Panuel defend Siya Kolisi

God Panuel and Siya Kolisi. Images via X @ThisIsColbert, via Instagram @siyakolisi

Panuel Mlotshwa, the famous God Panuel, defended Springboks captain Siya Kolisi, saying he did not play rugby for political reasons on 12 March.

Siya Kolisi remains among the most decorated South African rugby stars, having won two World Cups as a captain. With such a long, successful career, Siya Kolisi is now one of the most loved and celebrated stars.

After winning the Rugby World Cup, Siya celebrated with people from different parts of the country. He united several races and provinces to celebrate their country’s success.

With his work both on and off the field, some fans even called for him to be president. Indeed, all of the fans showed him how much they loved the Springbok captain.

God Panuel defend Siya Kolisi
Siya Kolisi. Image via Instagram @siyakolisi


A few days ago, MK Party youth leader Bonginkosi Khanyile attacked the Springboks captain, accusing him of several things. Among them was that Siya Kolisi was not a hero, and he made black people to be slaves to whites.

“Siya Kolisi is not a hero; he makes black people slaves of the whites & white propaganda,” he said.

He cited the Springboks celebration tour as an example, but fans disagreed. Some fans even went as deep as saying he was a clueless and over-ambitious young man.


In defending Siya Kolisi, the Springboks captain, against political attacks, God Panuel detailed what he thought was Siya’s motivation to play rugby. Panuel spoke about Siya’s talent and only wanted to play rugby without any political interest.

He said that Siya did not want to be a Steve Biko or something like that; he cited his love for the sport.

“Siya Kolisi didn’t start playing rugby because he was doing it for political reasons, Because he wanted to be a Steve Biko of rugby, no, he loved the sport & was good at it”, Panuel said.


As God Panel defend Siya Kolisi against political attacks, new rumours about his captaincy are trending. Rassie Erasmus addressed the situation by saying that Siya Kolisi retaining the captaincy is not straightforward.

“There are a lot of players who have signed with overseas clubs, and clauses in their contracts say they will stop playing international rugby. Siya has not signed with a clause like that,” Erasmus said.

“That’s the first thing that tells you he wants to play for South Africa. I think Kolisi is playing some of his best rugby. He looks relaxed.

“I would always like to have our captain locally based,” Erasmus explained. “Just because it’s a call and a flight, we can have a weekend together to plan.

“This is a unique situation. Kolisi will be considered. He wants to and is playing well enough. Maybe there’s a place for that if we feel it’s doable. But I still have to suss it out.”