Eugene Khoza Skomota

Eugene Khoza mocks Skomota on Podcast and Chill with MacG. Image: YouTube@MacG

‘What are we celebrating him for?’ – Eugene Khoza mocks Skomota, SA reacts [watch]

‘What are we celebrating him for?’ – Eugene Khoza is trending after he took a swipe at Skomota and Makhadzi on Podcast and Chill with MacG.

Eugene Khoza Skomota

Eugene Khoza mocks Skomota on Podcast and Chill with MacG. Image: YouTube@MacG

Eugene Khoza is making headlines for the wrong reasons after he took a swipe at the South African Music Awards, Makhadzi and Skomota. Khoza was on Podcast and Chill with MacG, and he left Mzansi puzzled when he complained about the awards celebrating Skomota.

However, it seems he was ill-informed because Skomota was never booked by the SAMAs but was brought on stage by Makhadzi during her performance.

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No doubt Skomota has been winning big in the backdrop of his newfound fame. He has been receiving bookings, and his signature dance has become popular. It has been turned into a TikTok challenge, with several celebrities like Oscar Mbo and Limpopo Boy attempting it.

In the backdrop of his birthday, Makhadzi included him on her set on the SAMAs, and it seems Khoza didn’t like it. While on the podcast, Khoza ranted about the SAMAs being mediocre.

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He complained about Skomota, who performed alongside Makhadzi. He went on to ask why people were celebrating him. The viral video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet.

However, against his social media rants, Makhadzi took to X, formerly Twitter, to hit back. She revealed that Khoza doesn’t want to see Limpopo artists flourishing. The multi-award-winning singer said people should celebrate the craft that makes them happy without trying to dim someone’s light.

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Mzansi was quick to flood social media with their two cents.

@thatorula commented: “This is pure hate. Skomota is a gone kid, emerging entertainer in Limpopo #VoetsekEugene.”

@Tendaijoe said: “Eugene is wrong to drag Makhadzi like this. Makhadzi decides who dances for her and who appears in her music videos. Skomota is on the video of the same song she was performing, and why should Makhadzi ask for permission from anyone in terms of who should dance with her on stage?”

@Mailula_Za posted: “This guy is just jealous of Skomota 😂😂 can’t believe what he’s saying….”

@Tshegofatso__M added: “The guy was so disrespectful to Skomota, kamo bare we don’t get his point.”