Emtee house

Emtee was once SA’s biggest rapper. Images via Instagram: @emteethehustla

Emtee slammed after encouraging his kid to win school fights

‘How can you promote fighting at school, that’s not good, it might end in bullying,’ a concerned fan warned Emtee.

Emtee house

Emtee was once SA’s biggest rapper. Images via Instagram: @emteethehustla

South African musician Emtee — real name Mthembeni Ndevu — was once one of South Africa’s most popular artists. He could do no wrong when it came to making music but, unfortunately, “fell from grace” after one too many bad headlines.

After only a few years in the limelight, he was accused of substance abuse and gender-based violence.

While he has taken steps to return to his former glory, he has once again left social media users shaking their heads.

This after sharing how he encouraged his son, not only to fight at school, but also to win those fights.

Emtee in hot water over son advice

Emtee was once one of the best musicians South Africa had to offer. His talent saw him soar to the top of charts.

While he is still as talented as ever, his reputation has been marred by the copious negative headlines that he can’t seem to escape.

This year, he announced that he had hired a new manager — a decision welcomed by many of his fans who hoped this marked new growth for the star.

emtee relationship with wife
Emtee was one of SA’s biggest rappers. Images from@emteethehustla

Unfortunately, this week he left those same fans disappointed after taking to social media to share how his bit of parenting went this week.

Taking to X, he shared how his son came home from school and shared that he had been in a fight. Instead of warning the boy against violence and fighting, Emtee asked who won the fight.

“My son came home and told me he was fighting at school. I just asked one question, Did you win? He said yeah I gave him 2-piece combo and he cried. I say yeah! I couldn’t help but say: ‘That’s my boy.’ Then we did our signature handshake,” he wrote.

Take a look below:

Mzansi weighs in

Many in the comments section blasted him over the post. Many shared that he needs to do better as a parent.

“How can you promote fighting at school, that’s not good, man, it might end up in bullying and violence in school,” one person said.

Just a few days earlier, Emtee went viral after claiming that he was racially profiled at a local eatery.

According to the rapper, he and a group of friends were kicked out of Mike’s Kitchen for smelling like weed.