SA rapper Emtee. Images via Instagram @emteethehustla

LOOK: Emtee purchases cologne following marijuana smell drama

‘Tired of smelling like weed’: Emtee shared a clip of himself purchasing some cologne after his viral Mike’s Kitchen rant.


SA rapper Emtee. Images via Instagram @emteethehustla

South African musician Emtee — real name Mthembeni Ndevu — was once one of South Africa’s most popular artists. Unfortunately, he hasn’t always made the best decisions and found himself trending numerous times for very controversial reasons.

Earlier this month, he left South Africans buzzing. This is after sharing how he and a group of friends were turned away from local restaurant, Mike’s Kitchen because they reeked of marijuana.

And now he has headed online to show off his recent cologne purchase which many believe he intends to use to mask the smell of marijuana.

Emtee blames racism after restaurant kicks him out for smelling like weed

When Emtee first hit the South African music scene, he made waves. Artists all over the country wanted to work with him.

While he is still as talented as ever, his reputation has been marred by the copious negative headlines that have followed him like a dark shadow over the years.

This year, he announced that he had hired a new manager — a decision welcomed by many of his fans who hoped this marked new growth for the star.

Emtee Mike's Kitchen
Photo of Emtee in the studio. Image via Instagram @emteethehustla

Unfortunately, not long after the announcement, he left those same fans disappointed after taking to social media to complain about being kicked out of a restaurant because he smelled like weed.

In a now-viral video, he explains how he and his friends were told to vacate Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown by the “white” manager.

According to him, he had been visiting the establishment since he was a child. He also made it clear that he believes the incident was racist.

Take a look below:

Cologne to mask the smell?

Heading online, the rapper shared a video of himself outside a perfume store. In his caption, he explained how he smells “the best.”

“They say I’m this, they say I’m that. They forgot to tell you I smell lbest. When you see, embrace me.”

“Shoes I got on ain’t even out yet,” he added. Take a look at the video here.

In the comment section, many locals trolled him:

“Take it easy on the weed man, you don’t always have to be high bro,” one person said while another wrote:

“Tired of smelling like weed my g.”