SA rapper Emtee. Images via Instagram @emteethehustla

‘Ambitious’: Emtee trolled after claiming he can pull huge crowds

‘You can’t even fill up your fridge’: Emtee found himself getting roasted after claiming that he could pull a huge crowd.


SA rapper Emtee. Images via Instagram @emteethehustla

Local rapper Mthobeni Ndevu — stage name Emtee — is slowly making a comeback and his fans love that for him. The rapper’s troubled personal life overshadowed his success in the music industry but this didn’t matter to his most loyal followers.

He recently left them buzzing after claiming that he can pull crowds of people to his shows. While many believed it is truly possible, others decided to troll the rapper who they say is out of touch with reality.

They also shared how he may have been able to pull big crowds in his prime but not anymore.

Emtee says he can pull big crowds, gets trolled

Roll-up hitmaker Emtee was once one of South Africa’s most famous rappers. He first rose to fame with his song Pearl Thusi and was soon a local favourite with the hits that followed.

The rapper’s rise to success was soon followed with troublesome headlines about drug abuse and family trouble.

Not long after that things went really quiet for Emtee who remained off our radars for a while. He is slowly making a comeback and recently signed on a new manager.

emtee relationship with wife
Emtee is one of SA’s biggest rappers. Images from@emteethehustla

While he still has a plethora of loyal fans, he has also gained a lot of trolls who don’t shy away from telling him off whenever they get chance.

One came this week after the rapper claimed that he could pull huge crowds to shows if he wanted to.

Take a look below:

SA weighs in

In the comment, many didn’t think that Emtee could do it. According to them, the rapper is old news and irrelevant.

“In ur prime time yes…now will be like 1 on 1 session with a psychologist” one person asked while another wrote:

“You what my guy??? Cause you can’t even fill up a house.”

“If only u can believe…. And have the guts to do it. You’re set to make history,” a third wrote.