Emtee Mike's Kitchen

Photo of Emtee in the studio. Image via Instagram @emteethehustla

Racism? Emtee threatens legal action against restaurant in Parktown

South African rapper Emtee is not planning on backing down following an alleged act of racism that happened to him in Parktown recently.

Emtee Mike's Kitchen

Photo of Emtee in the studio. Image via Instagram @emteethehustla

Award-winning rapper Emtee — real name Mthembeni Ndevu has recently served a restaurant owner in Johannesburg following an alleged racism incident that happened on Monday, 11 March at his establishment.


The Roll Up hitmaker has demanded an apology from the restaurant boss following an alleged racism incident. In a letter shared on his feed, Emtee claimed that his driver had dropped him and his friends off at Mike’s Kitchen in Parktown where they intended to have drinks before heading to the studio.

Upon arriving at the establishment, they were allegedly refused entry because they smelt of weed and “had too many tattoos”. With the driver having already driven off, the squad was said to have been stranded in the street.

“This was an act of harassment and racial profiling. It resulted in huge humiliation for them and severely damaged [the] client’s image and reputation. Both as renowned artists and members of society. Particularly because it happened in full view of patrons. Some of whom are his fans and supporters,” reads the letter.

It was further states that the restaurant must release a public apology before the end of Wednesday, 13 March. And, failure to do so, legal action will be taken.

Emtee. Image via Instagram @emteethehustla


According to SA Hip Hop Mag, Mike’s Kitchen has distanced itself from the allegations involving Emtee and his friends at Mikes Heritage House. The store reportedly wished to clarify that they are not affiliated with the restaurant.

A statement from the store reportedly read, “We strongly condemn any form of racism, discrimination, or prejudice at any establishment, including the recent incident reported at the Mikes Heritage House. Racism has no place in our society, and we stand firmly against it. It is imperative that all businesses, including Mike’s Kitchen, uphold the values of inclusivity, respect, and equality for all individuals.”