MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

‘Drunken Master?’: MacG reveals why he drinks alcohol always

“When I’m sober, my mind is pacing. But when I drink, I can calm down and enjoy the moment,” MacG on why he drinks alcohol always.

MacG drinks alcohol

MacG. Image: Podcast and Chill with MacG

Controversial podcaster MacG is making headlines after one of his recent podcast episodes flooded social media. Dubbed as the ‘god’ of podcasts, MacG has won big with Podcast and Chill with MacG.

No doubt, the Podcast and Chill Network has wowed over one million subscribers and thousands of followers across all social media platforms with their uncensored content.


However, this content has often hogged headlines for the wrong reasons, from social media backlash to legal battles. The podcast has fast become one of the most followed in Africa and the world.

After all, Sol Phenduka, Ghost Lady and MacG have the plug and know well how to trends. Social media was abuzz after MacG revealed why he always drinks. No doubt, drinking alcohol during the podcast has since become Sol Phenduka and MacG’s signature.

In the now-viral video, MacG revealed drinking as his wild card to success. MacG said that being creative often makes him think a lot, so he turns to alcohol to escape a million thoughts.

MacG said, “When I drink, I can calm down and enjoy the moment.”

MacG revealed that he tends to think a lot when he is sober. He went on to reveal that most of his podcast sessions while sober hardly make it out there because he is too focused.


The video has since gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped. Mzansi has since flooded social media with their two cents. Fans were more than convinced that he needed counselling. Some took a swipe at MacG for justifying alcoholism.

“Justifying alcoholism trying to make it sound cool by calling yourself a creative, anyways asikho lapho,” commented a concerned Instagram user.

Another user added, “If you need alcohol to calm down, there’s an underlying problem.”