john steenhuisen, dubula nyanga

John Steenhuisen’s ‘Dabula Nyanga’ comments were lost in translation.
Images via X: @our_da

‘Dubula Nyanga’: What is John Steenhuisen talking about? [watch]

Lost in translation? Was DA leader John Steenhuisen targeting traditional healers in South Africa with his ‘Dubula Nyanga’ speech?

john steenhuisen, dubula nyanga

John Steenhuisen’s ‘Dabula Nyanga’ comments were lost in translation.
Images via X: @our_da

DA leader John Steenhuisen had the public and social media users scratching their heads with his “Dubula Nyanga” comments at the party’s manifesto launch over the weekend.

The 47-year-old also launched a spoof of the struggle song Kill The Boer, which he introduced to the crowd during his speech.

But what exactly was he talking about?

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In a clip posted on social media, John Steenhuisen is heard shouting the words “Dubula Nyanga.”

In Zulu, “dubula” means “shoot,” while “nyanga” can means the “moon”. Interestingly, a close variation, “inyanga,” is commonly referred to as traditional healers.

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“Dubula Nyanga. That’s exactly what we’re going to do this election because we’ve got the size, people, experience, track record, and the plan”, John said in a viral clip.

On social media, many were concerned that John wanted to “eliminate” traditional traditional healers in South Africa. Others thought he was referring to the Nyanga township in the Western Cape.

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However, tweep quickly cleared up the confusion with their interpretation.

@nalathokozane: “He made it clear he was talking about the moonshot [polticial pact]. We should refrain from wasting time on nonsense. We understand what this guy said and meant”.


According to John Steenhuisen, the moonshot pact is a coalition formed with the goal of unseating the ANC during this year’s presidential elections.

 The group includes political parties:  the Democratic Alliance, ActionSA, Inkatha Freedom Party, Freedom Front Plus, United Independent Movement, Spectrum National Party, and the Independent South African National Civic Organisation.

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During a federal congress last year, Steenhuisen claimed that 2024 was going to be South Africa’s moonshot election, “where we achieve a giant leap forward by removing the ANC from power and replacing it with a new pact government composed of like-minded opposition parties”.