actor Carlo Radebe broke homeless donations

Actor Carlo Radebe. Image via Facebook @Mauritz Neethling

Carlo Radebe allegedly relies on ‘R350 grant’, donations needed

‘I ask (with his permission) that you … help this talented man regain some dignity’: Actor Carlo Radebe allegedly in need of donations.

actor Carlo Radebe broke homeless donations

Actor Carlo Radebe. Image via Facebook @Mauritz Neethling

Carlo Radebe, the former Backstage actor who played the villain character of Duke in the telenovela is allegedly in serious need of donations, according to a concerned friend who took to Facebook seeking help on his behalf on 9 April.


Carlo Radebe has allegedly become one of the iconic South African actors who have hit rock bottom. He is allegedly seeking for his fans to help him out of a sticky situation. He is allegedly in need of donations and more, according to a recently shared Facebook post.

With a lengthy career dating back to the 90s, Radebe has been in several hit TV shows and movies including Generations, Isidingo, Isibaya, 7de Laan, and more. A friend of his via a Facebook account has shared heartbreaking news, claiming that the seasoned actor is allegedly in dire need of assistance.

“Dear FB friends and family, It is with great sadness and empathy that I would like to appeal to your kind hardheartedness to help a friend who is currently not able to help himself and finds himself in a dark and hopeless situation,” the Facebook post read.

According to the post, the actor was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and is now allegedly struggling to get himself back on his feet.

“Carlo Radebe, a well-known South African actor, voice artist, and Thespian, is in desperate need of some assistance. For many of us, COVID-19 was a really difficult time, especially for those working in the arts and film and television industry. Unfortunately for Carlo, he has not been able to get back on his feet and currently finds himself in a situation where he is struggling to sustain himself,” the post read.

Radebe is allegedly currently residing in the back of a remote small holding located outside of Johannesburg. This allegedly comes after he was evicted. On top of that, he is said to be living off only R350 per month.

“Relying on a government grant of only R350 per month. You can understand that this is no way to afford him the means to get himself out there and back with the casting agent’s radar and to let him send video audition clips, let alone to feed himself, or even take phone calls or have data to send or receive emails,” the post continued.

actor Carlo Radebe broke homeless donations
Actor Carlo Radebe is allegedly seeking donations. Image via Facebook @Mauritz Neethling


With his impeccable acting skills, Shwa from Sunday World previously suggested that Carlo Radebe be casted to play the character of Thabo Bester in the Netflix drama. According to the publication, there hasn’t been a TV villain who has matched his standards.

According to the post, money, airtime, closer accommodation to Johannesburg, and any other means of help will go a long way to get Radebe get back on casting and hopefully on set.

“I ask (with his permission) that you find it in your heart to help in whatever way or form you can to help this talented man regain some dignity and free him from this dark tomb he finds himself in,” the post read.

Other South African celebrities who have trended after crying out for donations in the past include musician Dr Malinga, iconic actor from Emzin’Wensizwa Vusi Thanda, and gospel singer Lusanda Mcinga, IOL reported.