Former 'Backstage' actor Carlo Radebe.

Former ‘Backstage’ actor Carlo Radebe. Images via Twitter @BekithembaZ and @zola_hatshatsi

‘They’re waiting for him to die’: Eugene Mthethwa on Carlo Radebe

Former Trompies member, Eugene Mthethwa says the government is waiting for struggling ‘Backstage’ actor Carlo Radebe to die.

Former 'Backstage' actor Carlo Radebe.

Former ‘Backstage’ actor Carlo Radebe. Images via Twitter @BekithembaZ and @zola_hatshatsi

Eugene Mthethwa has called out the government after images of “homeless” actor Carlo Radebe went viral on Tuesday, 10 April.


Rhythm City star Zola Hashatsi took to X to ask Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa and his department to assist Carlo Radebe.

“Hi, Minister @zizikodwa, a gentleman named @mouthelightinguy reached out to us on social media regarding our thespian #CarloRadebe. I would personally ask you and the @SportArtsCultur to reach out and assist Uncle Carlo; his CV speaks volumes. He can’t be suffering like this,” said Hashatsi.

Former Trompies member Eugene Mthethwa responded to Hashatsi and said the government is waiting for Radebe to die before assisting.

“They are waiting for him to die first. Then, they will find more reasons to approve funding for catering and a marquee. In order to get a platform to come and speak at his funeral about how important he was as an example to the younger generations,” said Mthethwa.

“@zola_hashatsi Your hope for ubulungiswa [a gesture of goodwill] is at the wrong place; that is why I did what I did at Mjokes’s funeral: a funeral turned into a government official funeral with a government wall banner on stage, government pull-up banners inside and outside of the hall, and a cold-written speech.”

Mthethwa adds that he’s convinced that the ANC government doesn’t care for the living but for the dead.

“I repeat, where the opportunity presents itself, I would do it again and be thereafter for the family when the vultures are gone and nowhere to be found when Mjokes’s children have no bread to eat, evicted from their shelter.”


The former Backstage actor Carlo Radebe is reportedly homeless after finding it difficult to secure acting gigs.

His financial struggles were shared by MDN News on X, who stated that the famous South African actor is homeless and broke.

“Carlo Radebe, well known South African actor, voice artist, and thespian, is homeless and broke. The Actor has been struggling to sustain himself after not getting gigs. He has been evicted and only survived on the R350 government grant.”

Radebe is famously known for his roles as Duke in BackstageHow to Steal 2 Million as Vusi and Avenged as Dex Kenny Baloyi. He also played a security guard in Mrs Right Guy.

Sunday World reports that filmmaker and life coach BI Phakathi has vowed to help the struggling actor and voice-over artist.