oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp

A UK interviewer has been criticised for showing public support to Oscar Pistorius.
Images via X: @mwilliamsthomas

‘Tone deaf’: UK journo who interviewed Oscar Pistorius dragged over public support

A UK TV presenter who interviewed Oscar Pistorius about the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp has been criticised for his public support.

oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp

A UK interviewer has been criticised for showing public support to Oscar Pistorius.
Images via X: @mwilliamsthomas

A UK TV personality has faced backlash after he defended the release of convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius, who will likely be granted parole following his hearing on Friday, 24 November. This after he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp a decade ago.

Mark Williams-Thomas – who spoke to Pistorius in his first and only interview of the incident – has shared his thoughts via his X account.

However, many South Africans have accused the journalist of having a biased view.

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In a tweet on Oscar Pistorius’ birthday on 22 November, Mark shared his unpopular opinion about the former Paralympian, who is facing parole.

He posted: “#OscarPistorius very likely to be released when he comes before the Parole Board on Friday. I fully support his release; having got to know him well and seen him a number of times in jail, his punitive sentence has been served.

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Sensing the backlash, he added: “ I know this view will not be liked by some people, but vital to remember I studied the case more than almost everyone on here, spoke to witnesses, experts & spent a lot of time with Oscar. So I come from a fully informed perspective, not just what’s been in the media”.

Mark was met with much criticism over his public support of Pistorius.

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When several X users accused him of being “dismissive” towards the family of Reeva Steenkamp

“I know the full background”.

Here’s what a few tweeps had to say

@thecrimeanalyst: “It sounds like Oscar has charmed you; it happens, and you are now his cheerleader. However, you should re-think how tone-deaf your tweet is towards the real victim, Reeva, and her family. That’s not ok.”

@journokatie: “Have you been hacked? This is a terribly insensitive and egotistical take.”

@JanHunter2: “You haven’t stated the name of the murdered woman in your post. It was Reeva. Have you spared a moment to think of her family & how they must feel?”

@jojo_mac3: “How could you possibly advocate for him? Really shocked and disappointed.”


In an Op-Ed for The Mirror in 2014, Mark Williams-Thomas claimed that “Oscar Pistorius was no murderer”.

He wrote: “I believe the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp was a tragic accident.

“I am in no doubt that Oscar loved Reeva and had no intention to kill her. On that fateful morning, he reacted instinctively.”


A little over three years after the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, ITV aired Oscar Pistorius: The Interview, which gave the athlete’s first-hand insight into what reportedly happened.

In it, he admitted to taking Reeva’s life after mistaking her for an intruder.

He said: “I’m hiding behind the toilet entrance wall. I can see the toilet door – I don’t know if it’s one person. All I know is there’s somebody in my house. And all of a sudden, I hear a noise at the toilet. I presumed it was the toilet door opening, and before I knew it, I’d fired four shots.

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“I opened the toilet door, and immediately when I saw Reeva, she was over the toilet. She’s.. she’d slumped over the toilet. And I… at that point, I knew that I’d killed her. I knew that she was dead. And I went down on my knees and pulled her onto me.”

At the time, Pistorius was on house arrest at his uncle Arnold’s luxury Pretoria home.

He continued: “I don’t want to go back to jail; I don’t want to have to waste my life sitting there. If I was afforded the opportunity of redemption, I would like to help the less fortunate like I had in my past.

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“If I was afforded the opportunity of redemption, I would like to help the less fortunate.

“I would like to believe that if Reeva could look down on me, then she would want me to live that life.”