Eben Etzebeth, springbok

Springbok Eben Etzebeth has a history of wrestlers and bar brawlers.
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Ready to rumble! Eben Etzebeth’s wrestling background revealed

Pasop! Springbok Eben Etzebeth – tipped for a ‘boxing match’ with TikToker Kieran Williams – has a family history of professional fighters.

Eben Etzebeth, springbok

Springbok Eben Etzebeth has a history of wrestlers and bar brawlers.
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UK TikToker Kieran Williams claims he is confident he can beat Springbok Eben Etzebeth in a boxing match. 

But apart from the noticeable physical and fitness differences, does the gutsy social media star know about the rugby players’ family history as wrestlers and bar brawlers?

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Last week, England rugby fan and TikToker Kieran Williams challenged Springbok Eben Etzebeth to a boxing match. This week, he was back with an update that the match was “confirmed.”

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He said in a video posted on his account: “We have a date and a venue. Yes, I am boxing Eben Etzebeth in six rounds of boxing.

“The main card is me and Eben. The rounds are two minutes long, and six of them, and I’m going to beat Eben on points”.

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Kieran added that officials were organising the boxing match, although he did not mention who or when it would occur.

The outspoken social media star then continued his trash-talking of the Springbok.

He added: “Eben can’t run for me anymore…It’s not actually that crazy. He can’t move. The guy is slow.”

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In July this year, Eben Etzebeth revealed the sad passing of his father, Harry, a seasoned wrestler.

Harry was one of seven brothers who were known for their rugby and cricket skills as well as bar fights. 

Eben’s two eldest uncles, Cliffie and Skattie, were also professional fighters who were part of the Parow Wrestling Club, reports Rugby 365.

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Like his uncles, Eben is also known for throwing hands – on the pitch. Over the years, the giant rugby star has been seen in various tiffs with his opponents.

In 2019, he was accused of assaulting a fellow patron of a Laangebaan bar, reported Weekend Argus.