anele, weight loss

TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda has shown off her impressive weight loss.
Images via X: @anele

Snatched! Anele Mdoda shows off slim summer body [photos]

New body, who’s this? Media personality Anele Mdoda showed off her trim and toned figure following her impressive weight loss …

anele, weight loss

TV and radio personality Anele Mdoda has shown off her impressive weight loss.
Images via X: @anele

After being body-shamed by cruel cyberbullies, media personality Anele Mdoda is having the last laugh by showing off her trimmed and toned figure.

Over the weekend, the 947 presenter posted new pictures of her weight loss – and fans were impressed by her efforts.


In the pics, Anele was seen out and about with her son Alakhe for an A-lister event.

The mom-of-one wore a black dress with a tulle skirt that showed off her legs and thighs.

The comments section under the post was filled with well wishes from fans who praised her attitude and willpower in the face of cruel trolls.

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One tweep posted: “Anele Mdoda worked really hard. From being called Pumba to here is a milestone reached . Ladies and gentlemen, clap your hands”.


Anele’s hot new look has fans inundating her with requests to share her weight loss “secrets.”

The bubbly star happily indulged, adding that it was pretty simple.

“Been boxing for close to two years now, and I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored,” she told a tweep.

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Alakhe’s mom is a regular at boxing at the fitness centre Knockout Legends in Sandton, which is frequented by other celebs like Unathi Nkayi, Zola Nombona, and Connie Ferguson.

She’s also big on running and hiking too.

The Celebrity Game Night SA host then responded to another tweep who asked the star to start a fitness programme with a group of ladies.

“Sis, looking at your comments section, a lot of ladies, including myself, have tried so many ways to lose weight but face a lot of challenges to do so. I PLEAD desperately so to kindly take at least ten ladies on for about three months & work with them”, tweeted the fan.

To which Anele responded that there was no fast-track option for her type of weight loss.

“Shuuuuuuu, what an ask. It’s a two-year process, though,” she replied.