Babes Wodumo allegedly owes make-up artist R1200. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

Babes Wodumo is trying to make a comeback Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

Babes Wodumo in a R1200 scuffle with make-up artist

Babes Wodumo is accused of owing make-up artist Pearl Mhlongo R1,200.

Babes Wodumo allegedly owes make-up artist R1200. Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

Babes Wodumo is trying to make a comeback Image via Instagram @babes_wodumo

Gqom artist Babes Wodumo, real name Bongekile Simelane, finds herself entangled in a financial dispute with make-up artist Pearl Mhlongo of Pearlisiwe Make-Up and Skincare from Durban. According to ZiMoja, Mhlongo claims Wodumo owes her a modest sum of R1,200 for services rendered in 2021.

Introduced to Wodumo through a mutual friend who happened to be a client, Mhlongo initially received cash payments for her makeup services at Wodumo’s Westville residence. However, the situation took a turn when a promised payment of R1,200 for a makeup job was delayed, allegedly due to Babes Wodumo’s lack of transportation to a nearby mall.

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In her words to ZiMoja, “Babes invited me to come do her face. I went there and did my thing and left without being paid as she promised to pay the next day because she wanted me to come back again to do her face again.”

She went on to express her frustration over the unpaid debt to ZiMoja while emphasising that her aim is not to seek attention or harm Wodumo’s reputation but simply to be compensated for her professional services. 

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“I’m not looking for fame or want to destroy her. All I want is my money for the service rendered. I have been quiet about this for two years. I don’t understand how she is failing to pay me R1 200 when she gets gigs. I don’t understand. I think she is taking advantage because I’m a young woman who is trying to run her make-up business. All I want is my money,” she told ZiMoja.


Despite attempts by ZiMoja to reach out for comment, Babes Wodumo remained elusive, hanging up when questioned about the outstanding payment. This might make one wonder if this dispute is somehow related to the news spread in 2023 that she was broke and in debt.

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In response to the allegations, Wodumo’s manager and older sister, Nondumiso Simelane, refutes the claims saying that Mhlongo “demands R1 200 with threats and insults.” Simelane asserted that the late former personal assistant, Sthembile, is the one responsible for the unpaid amount. She contends that Mhlongo’s insistence on payment lacks proof of an agreed-upon sum and accuses her of attempting to tarnish Wodumo’s reputation for personal gain.

Both sides are clearly sticking to their guns in this dispute, and it’s yet to be proven who is right and who isn’t. However, this argument brings attention to the struggles small business owners like Mhlongo might face when trying to get paid by high-profile clients.

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