amor vittone, joost van der westhuizen

Is Amor Vittone dating this mystery man?
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‘Love, friendship’: Amor Vittone shows off hunky new bae? [photo]

Did Joost van der Westhuizen’s widow Amor Vittone just soft launch her new hunky boyfriend? Take a look at her telling post…

amor vittone, joost van der westhuizen

Is Amor Vittone dating this mystery man?
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Amor Vittone – the widow of Joost van der Westhuizen –  has teased a photo of a man she claims she has found “love” with. This comes days after she confirmed that she was in a new relationship.

The mom of two – who previously dated plastic surgeon boyfriend Charles Serrurier – has been showing off spoils from her mystery bae on her social media accounts.

Amor – who wed Springbok Joost in 2002 – split from Charles last year after a few months of dating.


On Monday, 1 April, Amor Vittone shared an Instagram Story that had her followers scratching their heads.

Sharing a picture of a handsome man and a bouquet of red roses, she posted: “When you find both love and friendship in one person.”

Amor did not explain the nature of their relationship, nor did she tag the man.

amor vittone, joost van der westhuizen
Did Amor Vittone post a picture of her new bae? Image via Instagram: @amor.vittone

The picture of the man bears a resemblance to a particular follower who commented under one of her previous posts.

@aidy_smith commented: “Myne [Mine],” to which Amor responded with a red heart emoji.

The comment has since been deleted, and the Instagram user has made his account private.

amor vittone, joost van der westhuizen
Image via Instagram: @amor-vittone

Last month, Amor Vittone showed off a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of flowers on social media – 18 white roses, to be exact.

“My Monday kicked off like this,” she captioned the pic.

In the comments, the actress and singer liked comments about being in a new relationship.

On Valentine’s Day, Amor Vittone posted another pic of another bouquet of roses.

However, she was quick to shut down speculation it was from her ex. “Definitely not”, she responded to one follower.


In a Facebook post late last year, Amor Vittone confirmed her split from her previous partner, Dr Charles Serrurier.

Responding to one follower, the singer and actress shared: “Nothing went wrong. Our journeys are just different now”.

Amor told another fan, that she and her ex were “just friends”.

The 51-year-old and the plastic surgeon – who is also a widow – dated for less than a year.

During their romance, the couple had spent an adventurous baecation in Europe and the Middle East. Amor and Charles had also fuelled wedding rumours after she was spotted dress-shopping and wearing a diamond ring on her ring finger.

Amor Vittone
Amor Vittone has split from cosmetic surgeon Dr Charles Serrurier. Images via Instagram: @amor.vittone

The relationship came a few years after the death of her husband, Joost van der Westhuizen, in 2017.

The former couple – who share two children together, Jordan and Kylie –  were married for 15 years before Joost’s death of motor-neuron disease.

Their marriage was plagued with many scandalous headlines, from allegations of affairs, drugs, and now long-drawn out court battle over Joost’s will.