AKA, birthday

AKA’s fans have revisited his last and final birthday post.
Images via Instagram: @montanatheclub/

‘What’s in store for me’: AKA’s final birthday post has fans in tears

AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – celebrated his last and final birthday with an emotional post about what the future had in store…

AKA, birthday

AKA’s fans have revisited his last and final birthday post.
Images via Instagram: @montanatheclub/

An Instagram post by AKA, real name Kiernan Forbes,  on his last – and final – birthday has struck another painful blow to grieving fans. 

In it, the rapper – who was killed by hired hitmen last year –  shared his excitement about the year that lay ahead.

On Sunday, 28 January, Forbes would’ve celebrated his 36th birthday. The special occasion comes just weeks before the first anniversary of his death.

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Rewinding the clock, AKA spent his 35th birthday doing what he does best – entertaining his fans. 

According to his Instagram account, the award-winning star spent the eve and night of his special day performing at clubs Montana in Rosebank and Propaganda in Pretoria.

“It’s my birthday, so you know we going up!”, he captioned one post.

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In pics posted by Montana, Kiernan was seen partying up a storm with his girlfriend Nadia Nakai and best friend Don Design. The star  – who received bottles of bubbly and a birthday cake – carried his infamous makeshift WWE belt on his shoulder.


Meanwhile, fans of AKA are revisiting a post shared on his birthday last year. In it. The rapper thanked his fans for their “kind words and wishes.”

He also posted a pic his daughter Kairo had baked for him.

He added: “Thank God for another year on this earth. Looking forward to seeing what he has in store for me in 2023.”

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In the comments section, his followers shared their sadness at the bittersweet occasion.

@cassie_ngonie: “From Happy Birthday to RIP. We are hurting.”

@mnisi_queen: “This still hurts. We lost a legend.”

@mama_mufasa_yolo: “This hurts differently now that he’s gone.”

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AKA’s girlfriend, Nadia Nakai, also left a poignant comment. She posted: “Who wouldbe thought you wouldn’t see 2023? I miss you so much.”