oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp, parole

Oscar Pistorius is reportedly unrecognisable following his parole release in January.
Image via AFP

‘A shadow of himself’: Oscar Pistorius ‘unrecognisable’ after parole

Three months after his parole release for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius is ‘unrecognisable’ as his local church’s ‘janitor’.

oscar pistorius, reeva steenkamp, parole

Oscar Pistorius is reportedly unrecognisable following his parole release in January.
Image via AFP

Once known for his charming personality, handsome good looks, and fit physique, Oscar Pistorius is now said to be a “shadow” of his former self. This, following his release on parole in January after serving half his prison sentence for the 2013 murder of Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius is currently living at his uncle Arnold Pistorius’s Waterkloof mansion in Pretoria.

According to his parole paperwork, he is a volunteer at his local Dutch Reformed Church.


According to the MailOnline, Oscar Pistorius has swopped his high-flying life as a sports star for a quieter one, out of the spotlight.

He has listed his parole volunteer work at Dutch Reformed Church, NG Kerk Waterkloof, where he does “light maintenance and janitorial work.”

The publication previously reported that Oscar was tasked with sweeping the church floors and helping congregants park their cars during the busy Sunday morning service.

Apart from his new role, he’s also said to be “unrecognisable” in his appearance.

Churchgoer Aida Govender told the New York Post: “I almost didn’t recognize him. His hair is longer, and he’s got a beard. He’s also not as lean as I expected. You would never know he was an athlete; he’s just not the same.”

oscar pistorius, parole
Oscar Pistorius will undergo anger management classes during his parole. Images via YouTube screenshot: ITV The Interview: Oscar Pistorius

Another church member claimed that Pistorius kept to himself. They said: “He’s not friendly, not outgoing. I don’t know if I’ve even seen him crack a smile. He’s just a shadow of what he once was.”

Following his release on 5 January, MailOnline claimed Pistorius was “a chain-smoker, bloated and grey.”


Under SA law, all offenders granted parole must comply with conditions set by the Correctional Supervision Parole Board (CSPB).

Common parole conditions include;

  • Having a fixed address and reporting to a parole officer or police station
  • Having travel limited and being subjected to a curfew
  • Being subjected to random drug and alcohol tests
  • Prohibited from owning a dangerous weapon
  • Prohibited from reoffending in any way

Additionally, Oscar Pistorius is barred from conducting media interviews or posting on social media. He may also not contact Reeva Steenkamp’s family.


According to the CSPB, should offenders break any rules, their parole will likely be revoked.

Offenders will then be returned to prison to continue their sentence behind bars. Should an offender commit a crime while on parole, they will be charged, and their new offence be listed under their record.