Big Zulu

Big Zulu. Images via TikTok @bigzulu_sa

20L bucket of scones: Big Zulu offered refreshments after hospitality complaint on TV

LOL! After Big Zulu called out a news channel for offering him water, two radio stations have gone above and beyond to ensure he is happy.

Big Zulu

Big Zulu. Images via TikTok @bigzulu_sa

Award-winning rapper Big Zulu now gets offered refreshments when he conducts media interviews. This comes after he jokingly complained to news channel Newzroom Afrika for its lack of hospitality when he was invited on the DStv channel’s show to promote his new album titled Ngises’Congweni.


Last week, a video of the Inkabi Records owner – real name Siyabonga Nene – visiting the Newzroom Afrika studios recently surfaced on social media. Before saying his goodbyes, the Imali Eningi hitmaker addressed the broadcasting station on how to welcome guests during live interviews.

Big Zulu explained that he had to wake up very early to get to the studios, but was shocked that the news channel did not offer him and his team tea or coffee. They were only offered bottles of water.

“But there’s an issue here, my sister, you know. We arrived here in the morning, we didn’t even get tea. They didn’t make us tea and biscuits but we woke up early and had to come here.

“I am sincerely asking you my sister that the next time we arrive, please offer us even those cappuccinos that are sold at the garage and those small round biscuits so that we can have something in our tummies and not water in the morning.”

Amused by the request, news anchor Naledi Moleo said they have heard him and they will do better.


Since his interview, Big Zulu has been getting more than just plain water during his media run for his new album.

During his interview on Capricorn FM, the musician was offered a 20 litre bucket of scones and tea.

The hip-hop artist shared the video on his TikTok account, thanking the Limpopo-based radio station for the gesture.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Capricorn FM, Limpopo. I arrived to a 20 litre bucket of scones and tea. Thank you so much,” he wrote.

In another video, also on his TikTok account, Big Zulu thanked Kaya FM for providing snacks. The video shows the Awufuni Ukung’Qoma rapper walking into the radio station’s waiting area to a table decked with cake and tea.

Podcaster and Kaya FM Breakfast co-host Sol Phenduka walks in and greets him. The shake hands as Big Zulu banters about Sol and MacG offering him only gin and tonic during his interview on Podcast and Chill.


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