Image of Lasizwe Dambuza Image via @lasizwe/Instagram

Lasizwe responds to a troll curious about his sexual life

Lasizwe Dambuza, a media figure, responded on Twitter to a troll who inquired about his romantic and sexual life.


Image of Lasizwe Dambuza Image via @lasizwe/Instagram

Fans of Lasizwe frequently inquire about his romantic life. On April 24, Lasizwe celebrated a month of sobriety on Twitter, but a troll expressed interest in his sexual life instead.

He discussed how it might be challenging to stay sober during social occasions, especially if one’s friends are drinking.

But the experience has given him priceless insights about self-awareness and restraint, particularly in dealing with fear.

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He is pleased with the advancements he has achieved and is eager to continue on this road of personal development.

Lasizwe responded to the troll by saying he wasn’t ready to share anything about his intimate life.

He wrote on Twitter:

“Your fascination with my s*x life is quite intriguing. Are you perhaps curious? If so, feel free to ask me anything. But remember, consent and respect are paramount in any safe space, and I’m not interested in sharing intimate details with someone who can’t respect my boundaries.”

One Month of Sobriety Celebration

Lasizwe Dambuza, a digital entrepreneur and influencer, hasn’t been in the news much lately.

 This is because the former YouTube King of South Africa has all but quit producing content for the platform that gave him a head start in the field.

Despite having said that, he was preparing to return to the Red App. Lasziwe hasn’t spoken anything on the site in more than three months.

This does not imply that he has stopped producing stuff for Instagram or tweeting often on Twitter, either.

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Thus, his most recent tweet appeared to imply that Lasizwe had copied his friend in some way. Particularly Mihlali Ndamase and her recent decision to alter her way of life.

Lasizwe posted what he described as a milestone on Twitter. This came about when he admitted that he, too, had stopped drinking alcohol for a while.

Specifically, if his tweet is to be believed, over the course of four weeks. His tweet stated the following:

“Tomorrow marks a significant milestone for me, as it will have been over a month since I last consumed alcohol. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding.”

Lasizwe and Mohale dating rumours

Lasizwe and Mohale Motaung were seen together at the Hollywoodbets Durban July in 2022, which led to dating rumours.

They previously posted photos of themselves together along with the message, “Always and forever, my love.”

It was claimed that when the two even encountered Somizi at the Afrotainment Marquee, things were quite unpleasant. The Sowetan Mag claims that you “could cut the tension with a knife.”

Lasizwe denied the reports and clarified that he was not dating Mohale in an interview with the newspaper.

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He also talked about how it felt to meet Somizi on the dance floor.

However, he continued to drop major signals to Mzansi that they were dating. In an interview with KayaFM, Lasizwe made a major indication that he and Mohale were seeing each other.