Five bombshells from the third season of Kelly Khumalo’s reality show. Image via Instagam @bomb_productions.

‘It’s nonsense’: Kelly Khumalo responds to a Jub Jub question on MacG’s

Kelly Khumalo told MacG on ‘Podcast and Chill’ that she won’t force Jub Jub to be a father to their son and he needs to do the right thing.


Five bombshells from the third season of Kelly Khumalo’s reality show. Image via Instagam @bomb_productions.

Singer Kelly Khumalo is trending for her remarks about her baby daddy, Jub Jub on MacG’s Podcast and Chill.  

The mother of two has two children from her previous relationships with the rapper and the late Orlando Pirates star, Senzo Meyiwa.  

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Media personality Kelly Khumalo is trending on Twitter for her comment about Jub Jub on MacG’s Podcast and Chill.  

Khumalo who has a son with the rapper says she doesn’t think about nonsense when MacG asked her about her son’s father.

The singer added that the rapper has to apologise to her ancestors, and her family if he wants contact with their son.

She previously kept mum on his tell-all Podcast and Chill interview that trended last month (December).  

She posted a video of herself singing to a gospel song Babe Ngisite, Ngiyabonga (God help me, Thank You) by Takie Ndou, in the video.    

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Images of Kelly Khumalo being abused 10 years ago also re-emerged on social media after Jub Jub’s interview.

The singer’s battered and bruised face was splashed in the tabloids years ago after she was allegedly abused by him.  

According to an IOL article, Khumalo revealed in 2011 that he had abused her to the point where he’d hit her when he felt she was paying too much attention to their son.    

Their ‘stormy’ relationship allegedly also led to him reportedly having no access to his son today.    

The TV host also revealed in his interview with MacG that he’s tried to contact Khumalo several times so he can see his son but was unsuccessful.      

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South African Twitter users are now concerned about Kelly’s children after hearing her comments about her baby daddy in the interview.  

Tweeps are saying that the singer is making everything about herself instead of putting her children first.   


“MacG asked her how has it been since your daughter asked abt her dad?”

“Her response: ‘I’ve moved on’. When will she realize that it’s not about her, but about her kids?”

“Has her daughter also moved on? Does she even care? Hayi!”  


“On one of the episodes of her reality show and the Gogo she was talking to said the very same thing it’s not about her.”

‘But she went on about how he hurt her on whatnot.”


“Allow her daughter to have a relationship with her father’s side of the family. You don’t think that’s important?” 


“I stand with Kelly. He needs to do the right thing.”


“With regards to her son, Kelly is making it about her not about her son.”

“Still bitter she needs to move on it’s 12 years already. How do you preach and sing gospel with that heart?”

“Heal Woman! “

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