Katlego Maboe

South Africans are showing Katlego Maboe love – but not the SABC 3 show ‘Expresso’ he appears on.

‘We could care less’: Katlego Maboe’s return gets ‘dismal’ ratings

Whilst South Africans love and support Katlego Maboe, the same cannot be said for viewership of his SABC 3 show ‘Expresso’.

Katlego Maboe

South Africans are showing Katlego Maboe love – but not the SABC 3 show ‘Expresso’ he appears on.

Katlego Maboe made his return to the SABC 3 morning magazine show Expresso last month, but according to stats, his comeback was ‘dismal’.

The TV personality returned after a nearly two-year hiatus due to personal circumstances.


In 2020, Katlego Maboe became a hot topic of discussion after a video of him confessing to cheating on his girlfriend Monique Muller went viral.

Monique was also granted a protection order against Katlego after she accused him of domestic abuse. However in February this year, the star was exonerated, with the court ruling that there were “no grounds” for the abuse allegations.

Katlego Maboe sat down with co-presenter Graeme Richards last month for an emotional heart-to-heart on his experience.

Speaking through tears, Kat revealed how happy he was to “come home”.

“A lot has changed. I didn’t know what this would feel like – It felt good. It felt welcoming, like home – just a home that you haven’t seen in a long time”.

Kat also reflected on how the last two years had “changed” him. He continued: “The ‘new’ me is certainly not the ‘old’ me. But, there are certainly elements of the ‘old’ me that remain that I think have stood me in good stead.

“No matter what has happened to me over the past couple of years, I never want to let go of this desire that I have to be a force of positivity in people’s lives”.

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But whilst fans around South Africa have shown Katlego Maboe love for his career comeback, they haven’t done the same to his TV home.

According to TV blogger Phil Mpela, the comeback episode “pulled below 250k viewers peak”.

He added that Expresso itself “didn’t make SABC3 Top 20 in August”.

“Even his exclusive return interview did not chart”, Phil added. 

And tweeps were just as nonchalant as the viewership stats, claiming that whilst they supported Katlego Maboe, TV in the mornings was the least of their priorities.

See what they had to say below: 

@moeketsimarupi2: “We don’t really watch that channel but we love Katlego”

@lerato_lalove: “Do people still turn on their TVs in the morning? we grab our phones and go to Twitter & TikTok now”

@uKilla_K: “We’re just happy he is working again man. We could really care less about Expresso though”

@ZwoNenungwi: “They were part of the problem. They just dismissed him. I am still not happy with the show and Outsurance”

@just_aviwe2u: “I even forgot SABC3 exists. I think they need to identify their viewers and produce programs that are in line with their viewers’ average age. Currently, it’s a mix masala TV station, this is one of the reasons I don’t even think/consider the channel”